Refugees (The Remaining)

Refugees (The Remaining)

D.J. Molles

Language: English

Pages: 544

ISBN: 0316404209

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

He has fought the fight, and run the race.

But the enemies never stop coming, and the race has no finish line.

It has been three months since Captain Lee Harden found the survivors at Camp Ryder. With winter looming, Lee is on the verge of establishing Camp Ryder as a hub of safety and stability in the region. But not everyone agrees with Lee's mission...or his methods. Growing tensions between camp leadership are coming to a head, and as Lee struggles amid the dissention and controversy, new revelations about the infected threaten to destroy everything he has worked for.

This is the third novel in D.J. Molles's bestselling series:
Book 1: The Remaining
Book 2: The Remaining: Aftermath
Book 3: The Remaining: Refugees
Book 4: The Remaining: Fractured
Novella 1: The Remaining: Trust
Novella 2: The Remaining: Faith

How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea (Newsflesh, Book 3.2)

Terminus (Outpost, Book 2)

After The Ending (The Ending, Book 1)

The Old Man and the Wasteland

One Second After














was what he considered “drug store items,” which included everything from medicines to toiletries. As a rule, to prevent him from taking up real-estate in his duffel with items that were low on the totem pole, he only took with him whatever drug store items he could fit in the pockets of his coat. Usually a couple bars of soap and some medications. The medications were a growing priority for Gregg, but not the kind that Jenny and Doc Hamilton could use. More and more people were trading up

Eddie kept backing away, but he wouldn't turn and run. From around the corner came two more figures. Lee began firing immediately. He could hardly see the iron sights in the darkness, but he approximated his aim and kept pulling that trigger. One of them went down, but the other was going for Eddie and was in too close for Lee to take the shot. Eddie tried to rear back and kick the thing in the chest as it closed in, but it deftly swatted his leg out of the way and leaped onto the man. The two

him. She stared at the mouth of the bottle in horror. "You're gonna get tobacco juice in it, you nasty bastard!" LaRouche's eyes tracked her drunkenly. "Tobacco and whiskey is an excellent flavor combination. I was only trying to share." Lee stepped in closer, feeling the warmth of the fire on his face and hands. Julia passed the bottle to him with a sneer of disgust and he accepted. A quick label inspection revealed that this was not the cheap, bottom-shelf liquor like Bus had squirreled away

running from a coyote. Lee tracked him with his rifle, the red dot leading him just slightly as he plunged down the hill. Lee intentionally aimed low and fired a quick burst of rounds. He wasn’t sure how many of them connected, or where they hit, but the running man jerked and tripped and then tumbled all the way down the hill until he rolled into a tree. The man groaned and grabbed his ass, his legs grinding out grooves in the wet forest floor that shown black underneath the ochre leaves. Lee

again at Wilson, who was just now sitting up, still cradling his hand. “What’s wrong with him?” Julia pulled one backpack strap onto her shoulder. “Lost two fingers on his right hand.” Lee nodded slowly, not responding. “We just seared them closed with a hot rifle barrel.” “Oh.” Lee took a step so he was standing over Wilson, and extended his hand. “Come on, man. We gotta get mobile again.” Still grimacing, Wilson took the offered hand. Lee hauled the man to his feet, then turned to the

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