Ragnar's Guide To Home And Recreational Use Of High Explosives

Ragnar's Guide To Home And Recreational Use Of High Explosives

Ragnar Benson

Language: English

Pages: 25

ISBN: 0873644786

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Who else but Uncle Ragnar could write this down-home guide? How to obtain commercial high explosives, safely storing and transporting them, detonation techniques, improvised explosives and more are woven in with tales of Ragnar's explosive adventures. For information purposes only.

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scale. Mechanical equipment requires a much larger job to be profitable. Using explosives is also often much faster than hauling in power shovels. At the time the charges are placed, it may seem as though costs are going through the ceiling. But in most cases, when everything is added in, expenses are far less than when using other means. Clearing grass and other material out of an existing but silted-in ditch is virtually always faster and easier with explosives. In this case, a single string of

root, I will either pack the tap root on one side with an unusually heavy charge or split the charge into equal parts and fire the two simultaneously with electric caps or primer cord. Some stumps with many lateral roots can simply be chopped off at ground level using faster powder. Pick a fold in the stump into which several sffcks can be packed. Cap them over with a heavy layer of mud and fire them off. If done properly, the stump will be rent into little pieces, leaving the bigger subsurface

roots at ground level to rot. The most difficult stump to take out is one that is burnt or has been already shot, with only the heart taken out. The various secffons must either be shot electrically with two or more charges or, in some cases, the shell can be wrapped with a chain and successfully shot out in one piece (see illustration). It sffll may be necessary to use multiple charges but the chain will tend to hold the stump together and pull it all out in one piece. Use plenty of chain along

to a minimum. Fingernail polish can be used to seal the lead away from the chemical. It is possible and perhaps desirable to continue on and turn these caps into electrically fired units, but more about that later. First we'll discuss another good formula that uses equally common materials. This one is a bit better because the mixture involves all liquids, but it is temperature critical and should therefore be approached with special care. Mix 30 milliliters of acetone purchased from an

an attempt to save on material costs. After the concrete was cleared out, I used a 1 1/2-inch hammer driven mason's hand drill to bore a hole back into the century-old hardened clay. The material was so consolidated and brittle that a half stick of 60-percent shattered a coneshaped hole to dust. I carefully worked the charges back to the area below the house's rear support beam. We shoveled the now loose material into a conveyor belt that moved it upstairs and deposited it in a dump truck

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