Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film by Michael Weldon (1983-01-03)

Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film by Michael Weldon (1983-01-03)

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Kennedy and James Grifnth. OIM:CTOf.: SCJ,.[ENWkJTU,: THEMfBUSHERS 1967 Columb,a ,""ooucu,: Irvmg Allen OIN:CTOI\: Henry Levin SCI\[ENWI'JTEI\: Hcrbcrt B~kcr Dean Martin and Janice Rule go to Mexico to recover a flying saucer that never gets off the grou nd in the third of the Mutt Helm nlms. Lots of stupid jo kes und a shooting bra (copied from The Trnth Viwm) keep Dina busy while dealmg with villains Kurt Kas!llHr, Albert Salmi, and friendly Scnla Berger. With series regulars James G regory

where masked telepathic mutants led by Victor Buono worship a live atom bomb that soon explooes. destroying what's lefl of the world. This did not, however. put a stop to the lucrative Apes series. Three increasingly silly sequels fo llowed. This one also stars Maurice Evans (again). James Gregory as the brutal gorilla leader. Jeff Corey, Thomas Gomez. Gregory Sierra . and the voice of Ro.:Idy McDowall. Roody wasn't in it because he was busy directing Devil'$ Widow. midget. and intelligent

1958 AlP (B&W) ,""OOUCEWSCUENWIUT['-! Sranley Shpemer DIIILO'Of.: William Wlmey Sharpie waitress teams up with brainless petty thief. Dorothy Provine, Pinky Pinkham on TV's The Roaring Twenties, nine year.; before Faye Dunaway. The cast includes Jack Hogan, Richard Bakalyan, Douglas Kennedy, Joseph Turkel, and Stanley Livingston (My Three Sons). When o riginally released (with Machine Gun Kelly) it was advertised as being "fi lmed in Superama:' wh atever that is. ~CB THE BOOGENS 1982 J en~n

employer's unhappy wife (Michele Morgan) escape to Havana and is haunted by a nightmare involving his o wn death. With Don Wilson and Lloyd Corrigan. From thc producer of M. SCl\EENWIYTtk: THE CHECKERED FLAG 1963 Mercury ....COUCE'.: Herb Vendig DIMCTO R/SCRLEN\VMtI\: William Grefe Lust and murder o n the hot-wheels circuit. Alcoholic track wife Evelyn King talks a promising rookie into helping dispose of her millionaire playboy husband. Joe Morrison manages to kill Charles G. Martin by

A va Gardner, Barry Newman , Susan C lark, Leslie Nielsen, and James Franciscus. Fonda's previous hits were RoUercoaster, Tenwcles, Stt'ann, and Meleor. CI7Y OF THE DEAD, See HORROR HOTEL. CI7YSTORY 1954 Davis (B&W) Paul E Heard OlkECTOk: William Beaudine ~IU:ENWklTD.: Margar<~[ Fim From the man responsible for jesse james Meets Frankenstein' s Daughler, this is the story of a clergyman who seeks advice from a teenage jailbird when he is forced to do something about slack attendance. The resuh :

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