Prayers for the Dead: A Decker/Lazarus Novel (Decker/Lazarus Novels)

Prayers for the Dead: A Decker/Lazarus Novel (Decker/Lazarus Novels)

Faye Kellerman

Language: English

Pages: 544

ISBN: 0062087878

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The brutal murder of Dr. Azor Sparks in an alley behind a restaurant is greeted with public outrage and a demand for swift, sure justice. But the investigation into the well-known surgeon's death is raising too many questions and providing too few answers for homicide detective Lieutenant Peter Decker.

Why, for example, would the family of a man so beloved respond to his slaying with more surprise than grief? And what linked a celebrated doctor with strict fundamentalist beliefs to a gang of outlaw bikers? But the most unsettling connection of all is the one that ties the tormented Sparks family to Peter Decker's own—and the secrets shared by a renegade Catholic priest . . . and Decker's wife, Rina Lazarus.

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his father sprawled out like that. We’ll bag him first, put him on a stretcher. Then I’ll bring the son over to make the ID.” “Will do.” Decker went over to the car. Craine stood up from his knees, took a step back when he saw Decker, and brought a hand to his chest. “Do you always sneak up on people, Lieutenant?” “Sorry, Jay. What do you have?” Craine appeared pensive. “Body’s still warm, no rigor evident. The homicide’s quite recent. But you don’t need me to tell you that.” Gaynor said,

get her. You want to come in?” “No, thanks, I’ll just wait here.” Luke tore into his thumbnail as he waited. A moment later, Rina appeared, a child of around three riding her hip. A real looker that woman was even with the scarf covering her hair. Made her even more desirable. He had a sudden urge to rip it off and see what was underneath. “Hello,” Rina said. “Mrs. Decker…” Luke’s eyes moved sideways. “Thanks for seeing me.” Rina waited. Her husband was still with her. Luke glanced at him

Jake bypassed Decker’s bit of professional input. “I don’t know what Rav Yosef is talking about. The man is on another planet.” “Why don’t you ask Rav Schulman?” Decker suggested. Jake gave him an “are you a moron?” look. “Dad, I don’t think a big Rosh Yeshiva like him has a lot of free time for basic questions.” The boy sighed. “Besides, I don’t want to look stupid.” His voice turned desperate as he spoke to Sam. “You didn’t learn this at all?” “Sounds vaguely familiar. Read me the passuk.”

were fooling around? I don’t think so. Liz isn’t the type. She’s like…” He sliced air. “Straight arrow. At least, I think she is. But hell, I don’t read women too well. She could be messin’ with my head and I wouldn’t know it.” “Are you a straight arrow, sir?” Marge asked. “Huh?” Oliver’s smile was oily. “She means do you get around?” Drew smiled back, but said nothing. Oliver placed his hand on Drew’s bony shoulder. “I mean she is gone all the time.” He winked. “I know how it is.” Drew

me.” “I’m elated,” he said flatly. Again she walked away. But he dogged her heels, held her by the arm. “This isn’t the right place to talk.” He blushed, dropped her arm. “Can you come by my place around eight tonight?” She stared at his face. “No, I can’t!” “When can you come by?” “Never—” “Rina—” “For goodness’ sake, Bram, you’re a priest. You know how people talk!” “I don’t care—” “But I do. I care for myself, I care for my friend. The cop. My bit for public service—” “Rina, I’m

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