Praguewalks (Henry Holt Walks Series)

Praguewalks (Henry Holt Walks Series)

Ivana Edwards

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0805023607

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Prague has been described as a museum in which people live and work, for nowhere are things ancient and beautiful as concentrated as they are in Prague. A book for impassioned lovers of history and romance, Praguewalks includes five intimate walking tours, plus photos, and maps. Index.

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eastern Jews. In socks. Bowed over their prayer books, their prayer shawls drawn over their heads, become as small as they possibly can.” The atmosphere of the Altneu is palpably ancient and has riveted scores of artists, writers, and photographers. But equally prehistoric-looking in this neighborhood of large, ostentatious apartment buildings designed to intimidate, is the synagogue’s humble and somber exterior, like the carcass of a great, dark, tough-skinned sea creature, beached on its

someone will resurrect it somehow?) And so our walk ends. Stairs from Malá Strana to Hradčany Walk � 3 Castle and Monastery HRADČANY AND STRAHOV Starting Point: Pohořelec Square in the Hradčany district. This walk is best done on any day but Monday. Metro/Tram Lines: Tram 22 from the center Length of Walk: Two and half to three hours. Away from the urban hubbub, high in the rarefied atmosphere of an ancient, relatively tranquil zone of trees and green expanses of parks and gardens, you

called V pevnosti to the first gate, Táborská, of Vyšehrad Park. On the way you will notice that Vyšehrad is also a residential suburb of Prague. While Vyšehrad is not older than the Hrad (Prague Castle), and after 1140 the kingdom’s seat of power moved permanently downstream, it is eternally tied to the oldest period of Czech history, when it was the other center of nationhood. Mythically, mystically steeped in ancient ruins and memories of the Ur-ancestor, Vyšehrad is a symbolic aerie, a

Bíla Labut, Na pořičí 3, Prague 1. Diamant, Wenceslas Square 3. Selected Museums and Galleries Museum of the City of Prague, Na pořičí 52, Prague 1. Local lore. Most important exhibit is Langweil’s painstakingly handmade early 1800s model of Prague. Closed Mondays. National Museum, top of Wenceslas Square. Natural history—save this for the kids. Includes a pantheon of Czech heroes. Closed Tuesdays. Golz-Kinský Palace (National Gallery), Old Town Square 12. Changing exhibitions of graphic

can still be scarce. The rest of the year most establishments (especially those that take credit cards) have some fresh or frozen vegetables on hand. Also improving is the availability of a greater selection of greens, beyond butter leaf lettuce (hlávkový salát) in season only and more often than not used solely as a garnish by the non-vegetable-eating Czechs. Good-quality whole-grain breads and rolls are also a postrevolutionary novelty. Vegetarians in Prague gravitate to the Country Life

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