Postmark Murder

Postmark Murder

Language: English

Pages: 258

ISBN: B0081CR750

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

After a rich man’s death, heirs start to squabble—and die
When Conrad Stanley dies, Laura is the only heir not concerned with her slice of his estate. Orphaned at a young age, she was Stanley’s ward, and cannot celebrate the death of the only father she ever knew.
The executors of Stanley’s will find that he had a Polish relative, Conrad Stanislowski, who is due part of the inheritance. A search for Stanislowski produces only his daughter: eight-year-old Jonny, who comes to Chicago to live with Laura. Soon a man claiming to be Stanislowski turns up at Laura’s doorstep, demanding his daughter and his chunk of Stanley’s wealth. When the mysterious interloper is found stabbed to death, Laura is a suspect. If she doesn’t move fast, the only inheritance she gets from dear, departed Conrad will be a permanent stay in a federal prison.

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you over the telephone. All right.” He hung up as the little French clock struck seven. Laura started to the kitchen. “I didn’t realize how late it is. I’ll get out something for them to drink.” Matt went with her and Jonny followed, Suki in her arms, and instantly the bright little kitchen took on a warm and domestic air. Matt got out whiskey and soda, glasses and ice; he found cheese and crackers and put them on a tray and then poured himself a drink and sipped it leaning against the table,

entrance can be. unlocked from the outside; the maid’s hours were irregular. Mr. Grelly travels a great deal and Mrs. Grelly goes with him. They have a dog. Consequently, during their absences it seemed desirable for Catherine Miller to have a key which would permit her to enter the apartment house at any time. So Mrs. Grelly asked for a key and the superintendent gave it to her. So you see, either the murderer followed Catherine closely enough to enter the service entrance at the same time she

rose. “That’s all,” the Lieutenant said, and started toward the door. The stenographer followed him. Laura thought, I can’t move; I can’t speak. But she did move. She ran across the room, and put her hand on Peabody’s thin arm. “I didn’t do it,” she cried. “You must believe me. Somebody—” “Oh, yes,” he said wearily. “Somebody took the scarf. Somebody came in here at great risk to themselves and put a sedative in the thermos bottle. Somebody followed you in the park. But it’s never anybody you

would have told anybody about his plans except somebody he trusted. Whoever came to see him in his room, whoever murdered him, he trusted that person.” Matt said thoughtfully, “His murderer knew about his passport. He seized it as an excuse to keep Conrad quiet until he could arrange a murder. That had to happen before the interview at the rooming house. Conrad told you, Laura, where he was staying and he told Doris. He could have told his murderer where he was staying. The murderer came to

even though two years is a long time in the life of a child, Jonny could not have forgotten her father. Yet there had not been so much as a flicker of recognition in the still little face, the rigid, sturdy body; her Slav blue eyes had been completely blank and without expression. So then if Jonny had not recognized the man, he was not her father! He was an impostor! Charlie and Doris and Matt had talked of that possibility; they had warned Laura. There was so much money involved that there

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