Point of Balance

Point of Balance

Juan Gómez-Jurado

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 2:00300790

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this superbly written, nail-biting thriller, a top neurosurgeon is forced to choose between ending the life of the most important person in America or guaranteeing his own daughter’s horrifying death.

I am no saint, no martyr, no terrorist, no madman, and no murderer…I am a father. That’s my story.

Dr. David Evans is a well-respected brain surgeon at a hospital in Washington, DC, and a devoted father. But soon he is faced with the ultimate dilemma: if his next patient, who must undergo brain surgery, leaves the operating table alive, Dr. Evans’s kidnapped daughter will die at the hands of an implacable psychopath—and he will be forced to watch.

Over the course of fifty-five frantic hours counting down to his choice in the surgery room, Dr. Evans races to hunt down his pursuer and find a way out of this nightmarish predicament. But just how far will he go to save his daughter’s life?

“A roller coaster ride of fear and excitement unparalleled in modern fiction” (New York Times bestselling author Katherine Neville), Point of Balance will keep you on the edge of your seat with fast-paced action and raw emotion, as one man faces an impossible moral dilemma that could change the course of history

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afraid there’s no mistake, sir. Do you have any idea why she would do such a thing?” “There must be some mistake,” I repeated. I felt my legs buckle and the cop sounded miles away. “In her letter she said she was ill. Were you aware of her condition, doctor?” “She . . . she . . . couldn’t abide pain.” “Was there anything in her behavior to suggest she was thinking of suicide?” I remember that I fell to my knees, unable to reply. Denial, shock and a sense of failure held back the answers we

hour later, as I went down to the changing room, my mind was boiling over. I tried to weigh all my options, but some things I had worked out. First, White was full of it. He couldn’t watch me every second, the less so in as big a place as that. Second, I had to get in touch with someone. Third, if I, or whoever I got in touch with, took one wrong step, Julia was dead. Because I had seen his face, they would likely kill me too. Although if I lost Julia, I cared little what they might do to me.

steadied. “No, you wouldn’t call the police. But maybe, just maybe, you’d be tempted to call your sister-in-law. To tip her off. That would be stupid. Because if something were to crop up, something last-­minute . . . Well, that would be bad. And we don’t want that.” “Of course not.” “But sure, I could forgive you if you told me the truth. We have time to work it out, I promise. So, one last time, Dave. Have you spoken to Agent Robson?” A shiver ran down my spine. If I lied and White caught

of the woods. “You got the dough for that, doc?” The six faces in front of me gazed my way, devoid of expression, and I could see that the situation was getting out of hand. One of the gangbangers sat up slightly in his chair, while another laid the bag of chips he was eating on the ground. I also realized that I hadn’t had word from Kate for hours. The last text I got from her the night before told me she was home and pursuing an angle. I couldn’t risk White’s finding out I had another cell,

her heart like broken glass. David’s words had hurt her but had also come as an eye-opener. How long have I been chasing shadows? How many years have I wasted fooling myself, saying it was all because of the job, never really admitting that I didn’t want to be with anybody but him? As painful as those questions were, there was one that lacerated her soul more than the rest put together. Have I ever truly been happy? She had taken Vlatko to his home as a shot in the dark, her last chance to

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