Plague War (the Plague Year trilogy Book 2)

Plague War (the Plague Year trilogy Book 2)

Jeff Carlson

Language: English

Pages: 339


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


"Compelling. His novels take readers to the precipice of disaster."
-San Francisco Chronicle

Cam Najarro and Ruth Goldman have developed a vaccine to protect Earth's survivors from the Archos plague, but the shattered U.S. government will do anything to keep the vaccine for themselves. Intent on sharing their cure, Cam and Ruth must cross the apocalyptic wastelands of North America... never realizing a greater threat is about to strike...

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wiped clean of the plague. Once they reached the base of the mountain, they were able to stay on Highway 24, hurrying along the buckled asphalt. Then the mushroom cloud fell in on itself and collapsed, blanketing them in ash and unseen bands of heat. Hernandez was sick like so many of his troops, which made it easier for the Chinese to surge northward against them. None of the surviving American forces had been any closer to the strike than his unit, but nearly a third of them had been exposed

Ruth’s health in the dark. She noticed him and smiled. “How are you?” she asked. Then they were separated again as Deborah guided Ruth forward, walking through the Marines. Ruth looked back once, her curly hair like a soft tangle in the moonlight. What did you find? Cam thought. He knew her moods well enough to recognize this exhausted pleasure. Good news. It was good news, and that meant none of their losses had been in vain. The thrill of it made him grin as he strode after the group. The

like a powerful fan, blowing the swarm off of the ground troops. Off of them and onto us. “Go! Run!” Cam hollered, jamming a knife into a can of milk. But she hesitated. He threw the dripping can as hard as he could and bent to stab at another, ignoring the haze of ants on his gloves and knees. He was like that, quick to make the best decision. Cam Najarro was neither a soldier nor a scientist, but he had lived through the entire plague year on a barren, isolated peak where eighty people were

neck, and wrists. They were near the edge of the colony. Cam saw open ground, and yet there were still five yards of writhing bugs between them and safety. He fired his pistol against the mouth of the empty canteen. The fire seared his cheek and hair as the fumes ignited. The small explosion kicked his hands apart and he spun over backward, knocking all three of them down into the spotty blaze. “Up!” Newcombe yelled, but Cam chopped his arm at Ruth’s legs when she staggered away. She was on

his pack was the heaviest and he’d already hiked twice as far as Ruth and Cam, ranging outward to set their bug traps. He had also suffered the most yesterday. He was peppered with bites, and Cam wanted him to nap because Cam needed him to stay sharp. It troubled him that their dynamic was uneasy. Newcombe was an elite and a combat vet. A sergeant. He naturally expected to take charge of two civilians, and yet Cam and Ruth each had their own authority. Ruth. Cam turned to look and found her

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