Pirates of Gohar (Richard Blade, #32)

Pirates of Gohar (Richard Blade, #32)

Jeffrey Lord

Language: English

Pages: 181

ISBN: 0523406797

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

# 32 in the Richard Blade series.

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over to Blade. "Yes, Lord?" "I am going to the palace. Is that true?" "Yes, Lord." "No need to call me lord each time. Just answer my questions." "Yes, I,-. Yes." "Good. And when we reach the palace, I am to go straight before the Emperor?" "Yes." Blade shook his head. "Not before I've bathed, shaved, and found some proper clothing." "But, Lord Blade, the Emperor's orders-" "Are now changed, as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure the Emperor didn't know I would look like this, or he'd have

have been lying to him." "I wasn't. I don't know, and since I don't know I can't really help the rebels. That might change history enough to destroy the England where I lived. Then I might disappear, or be trapped here in Gohar for the rest of my life." "The freedom of the people of Mythor means nothing to you?" She sounded almost angry. She seemed blind to the possibility that anyone could disagree with her or her favorite cause. He decided to be blunt again. "The people of Mythor mean very

trailed him to his rendezvous with Fierssa, but this wasn't much comfort. He doubted if Kloret wasted any time or men trailing him now. It would be so much easier to keep a watch on the Friends of Mythor and let them act as bait for larger fish. Blade had shown that he had both skill and determination in covering his tracks, while the Friends had neither. Even less reassuring was the complete absence of any official news about the Emperor's health. This almost certainly meant Thrayket was so

nothing he could do for them except stay alive himself. The current which had saved them from the Black Head still flowed, and it carried Blade southward as the waves pushed him toward shore. The combination of current, wind, waves, and shoaling water made for a choppy, steep Sea. Several times waves breaking over Blade swallowed him up or drove him deep under. Once he was sucked so far under that he began expecting every moment to hit bottom. That time he had to fight his way to the surface and

still shooting as fast as he could find targets. A good many of the pirates were now attacking with bleeding wounds or even arrows sticking out of their arms and legs. The second pirate ship had grappled one of the smaller merchantmen. From what little Blade could make out, the pirates were winning by sheer weight of numbers. The black Goharan galley was approaching. The last pirate ship was just visible, standing off beyond the one alongside Blade's ship. Then the black galley ran alongside

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