Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse

Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse

James Wesley Rawles

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 156975599X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

America faces a full-scale socioeconomic collapse—the stock market plummets, hyperinflation cripples commerce and the mounting crisis passes the tipping point. Practically overnight, the fragile chains of supply and high-technology infrastructure fall, and wholesale rioting and looting grip every major city.

As hordes of refugees and looters pour out of the cities, a small group of friends living in the Midwest desperately tries to make their way to a safe-haven ranch in northern Idaho. The journey requires all their skill and training since communication, commerce, transportation and law enforcement have all disappeared. Once at the ranch, the group fends off vicious attacks from outsiders and then looks to join other groups that are trying to restore true Constitutional law to the country.

Patriots is a thrilling narrative depicting fictional characters using authentic survivalist techniques to endure the collapse of the American civilization. Reading this compelling, fast-paced novel could one day mean the difference between life and death.


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unlock the front gate.As he did so, he pronounced,“I want our people to get a good look at me. The last time some unidentified vehicles came roaring in here, the gal at our observation post shot first and asked questions later. As it turned out, she did the right thing. Wouldn’t want a repeat performance tonight, now would we?” Working out the details of the plan for the raid took nearly two hours. Dunlap and Ted Wallach took copious notes.When they were finished, Dunlap collected the Claymores

his father died of a heart attack. Todd’s mother Elise was the classic TV mom. Dinner on the table at six o’clock. Laundry on Thursdays. Canning in the summer. Homemade candies for Christmas gifts in the winter.Years later, she still talked about Phil as if he were still alive. She died of cancer just after the turn of the century. Todd graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in economics. Soon after graduation, he landed a position with Bolton, Meyer, and Sloan, a major accounting firm with branches

thing to happen to you?” Now Matt wasn’t just nervous. He was scared. The trooper intoned with a practiced voice,“Your passenger can stay where he is.Will you please step out of the vehicle?” “It’s not a ‘vehicle,’ and he’s not a ‘passenger.’ He’s my guest. I’m not getting out.You don’t have probable cause or even reasonable suspicion.You just want an excuse....” “Get out, now!” Matt obeyed the order. He was shaking. They walked in unison on either side of the van and met at the double rear

all, plus a bunch of water, up on the fourth floor. They thought they were pretty smart. They disabled the elevators and had the fire escape doors barricaded with couches and desks. Those dumb bunnies mainly had baseball bats for self-defense. Talk about having no clue about eventualities. It was just a matter of time before somebody with guns came and cleaned them out. And even if they had the necessary coercive force to hold their position, what were they going to do for heat that winter? Once

We had another brief stop at what I suppose would have been Logan, based on the timing. When the train was stopped there, I heard a couple of men’s voices. One guy said,‘Hey let’s try this one—this one’s empty!’ I yelled in my best command voice, ‘This car is not empty! Move along!’ One of the guys answered all meek-like:‘Okay, okay, we were just leaving! Sorry to bother you.’ “I got off when the train stopped in Pocatello, because it was going to continue west to Boise, and I, of course, needed

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