Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 1402280971

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With more than 7 million books in print, RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award–winning and USA Today Bestselling author Rosanne Bittner pens a historical Western romance filled with dangerous cowboys, capable heroines, and an epic love story that sweeps across the Old West.

"Stop! Or I'll shoot your hat off."

Maggie Tucker has just gone through hell. Outlaws murdered her husband, looted their camp, and terrorized Maggie before leaving her lost and alone in the wilds of Wyoming. She isn't about to let another strange man get close enough to harm her.

Sage Lightfoot, owner of Paradise Valley ranch, his hunting for the men who killed his best ranch hand. But what he finds is a beautiful, bedraggled woman digging a grave. And pointing a pistol at his heart.

From that moment on, Sage will do anything to protect the strong-yet-vulnerable Maggie. Together, they'll embark on a life-changing journey along the dangerous Outlaw Trail, risking their lives...and their love.

Praise for Bestselling Historical Western Romances by Rosanne Bittner:
"Fans of such authors as Jodi Thomas and Georgina Gentry will enjoy Bittner's thrilling tale of crime and love in the Old West."-Booklist Online
"The strong flavor of the Wild West combines with a beautiful love story, creating a true saga of the era."-RT Book Reviews
"There is tension, danger, anger, and love all combined in this story."-Long and Short Reviews

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another job to do before going out to brand a steer. “Well, I’m glad you still intend to take me along.” Sage shrugged. “Hell, I might come across another grizzly.” He grinned, a strikingly handsome smile. His teeth were even and white, his smile genuine. “So, you do have the ability to smile.” His grin quickly faded, as though he felt guilty for showing any kind of softer side. “Sometimes.” He finished the broth. “Your good cooking must be why I’m mending so fast.” He set the

pocket. “What does she want?” Hank asked. “Something she can’t have,” Sage answered. “Go on, and tend to your chores. I’m coming to see how things are going.” Hank shrugged. “Whatever you say.” He glanced at Maggie and nodded. “Ma’am, that chicken stew is awful good. The boys were wonderin’ if you’d make more. Would you have time before you leave with Sage?” Maggie smiled. “I’ll make a big pot before we go.” Hank grinned. “Thanks.” His smile faded when he glanced at Sage, who

Sage wanted it that way. Riding for days on end wasn’t something to do wearing a dress and slips, but that wasn’t his true reasoning. He figured that from a distance she’d look like a boy, and the loose clothes hid her “feminine qualities,” as Sage put it. Maggie finished tying her share of supplies to the black gelding Sage picked out for her. He was a medium-sized, hardy mustang called Smoke. She climbed into the saddle, more pleased with the pants than she thought she’d be. She decided

Cutter, it didn’t seem possible that he could be so gentle with her just hours later. How did a woman handle a man like that? She’d never known anyone quite like him, a man capable of extremes when it came to violence and goodness. She remembered his remark about how some men were basically good, and some were bad through and through, and she’d need to learn to tell the difference. Sage held up, waiting for Maggie to ride up beside him. “We should be able to find a room at Ma Pilger’s

and forced his body out flat before it could completely stiffen. He knelt down then and rummaged through the dead man’s pockets, pulling a leather money pouch from inside his jacket. He grabbed some bills and counted them while everyone stared. Then Sage ripped a chain watch from the man’s belt. He rose, shoving the money and watch into the front pocket of his pants. He glanced around the room. “This man and two of his friends once worked for me. They killed my best ranch hand, abused his

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