Owlsight: Book Two of Darian's Tale (The Owl Mage Trilogy)

Owlsight: Book Two of Darian's Tale (The Owl Mage Trilogy)

Mercedes Lackey

Language: English

Pages: 450

ISBN: 0886778034

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It has been four years since Darian saw his village sacked and burned by barbarians. Taking refuge with the Hawkbrothers, he soon finds his life's calling--as a Healing Adept. But even as he learns the mystical ways of this ancient race, Darian cannot escape the dangers threatening his future. Another tribe of barbarians is approaching. The time has come...to stand up and fight.

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The Year of the Beasts











hanging from a wall-sconce; he turned it up, and busied himself with a metal spout in the wall. The whole room was tiled in white, pale blue, and pale green ceramic; even the ceiling (what there was of it) was tiled. Most of the ceiling was actually a window! And around the four sides of this window were boxes with vines growing in them. Sunken into the floor was a tile-lined bath tub; Darian had just turned a spigot and put a plug in a hole in the bottom of it, and water poured in. Clear,

together, and at any hour of the day or night one was as likely to encounter a clutch of Valdemarans there as a group of Tayledras. Most often, the two groups mingled; the so-called “green” troops were green only in the sense of not having seen real combat, for they had trained and bunked with the Skybolts, and had Skybolt senior officers. Those who couldn’t handle the accepting and flexible manners of Kero’s troopers had long since been weeded out. Tayledras and Guards got along very well, with

it was founded on coping with the unfairness of life. The tradition continues, Herald or not! The lerchbush was a hardy creature and didn’t react badly to having a few of its buds pruned away. A wood-pecker trilled just over her head, and as she carefully held each branch and pared every third bud off with a tiny knife, the rich, green scent of lerch sap spread on the air and she drank it in with pleasure. Each bud went into the hempen bag she had tied to her belt. She dabbed each “wound” with

snow and plainly terrified, but they stood their ground. Yes, but can they stand the third shock? A deep and angry “voice” shouted inside Darian’s head—and in the heads of every other creature present that hadn’t shielded against it. Darian had put up just enough of a shield to keep the voice from being painful, but he wanted to hear what Tyrsell said. For this was Tyrsell’s contribution, his ability to Mindspeak to anyone and anything, and if the barbarians weren’t familiar with Mindspeech,

accelerating the growth of plants, including Steelmind, went to work with the seeds and seedlings the gryphons ferried over from k‘Vala. When they were done, although the growth was a bit sparse, the building contained a miniature Vale, quite large enough to hold all of k’ Valdemar’s current inhabitants at once. The colorful little chattering messenger-birds of the Kaled’a’in flew freely in here, as did the hummingbirds that the Tayledras used for the same purpose. A little magic would be used to

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