Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change

Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change

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Pages: 320

ISBN: 0252009886

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that we had survived the collision for the time being. But the collision came about in such a way that adherents to the cornucopian paradigm could persist stubbornly in their nonrecognition of what was hitting us. Smitten by the dependence of America and other industrial nations on prodigal use of exhaustible resources, opinion leaders grasped at the straw that appeared, and began to attribute the profusion of problems to an out-group. For let another moment, the people could evade the

of The "Realists" are the truest adherents The world looks very different to people think in terms of such different perspectives. Communication between them can be as difficult as between people who share no common language. Paradigm differences were thus bound to make the old cornucopian paradigm. of the new who ecological paradigm. painful the process of adjusting to post-exuberant realities. Effects of Disillusionment Transition from the old paradigm to the events. Some new one was

expenditure of blood, sweat, and tears to defend the land of hope and glory from loss of dominance to the Luftwaffe and the Wehrmacht. the global less of it — New Attitude Needed Contemporary history continues to be badly misunderstood unless we have in our working vocabulary these clusters of concepts: i web of life photosynthesis food chain producers, consumers biogeochemical cycles competition niche diversification ^ speciation, quasi-speciation community dominance symbiosis,

whose hearts have been stopped and surgically repaired. Not only were the tools wielded by the surgeon (as extensions of his hands) vital to these patients; their lives were sustained during 145 Toward Ecological Understanding the operation by heart-lung machines own their — temporary substitutes for hearts and lungs. Thousands of people have also been en- abled to live on after complete failure of their natural kidneys by attaching themselves periodically to a machine that externally

Whatever the origins of human redundancy, and whatever the sequel to it, we needed to see (but were not seeing) that what had happened to us between the wars, and especially what happened to us since World War II, had not resulted merely from politics or economics in the conventional sense. The events of this period had simply accelerated a fate that began to overtake us centuries ago. The population explosion after 1945 and the explosive increase of technology during and after the war were only

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