Outdoor Life: Prepare for Anything Survival Manual: 338 Essential Survival Skills

Outdoor Life: Prepare for Anything Survival Manual: 338 Essential Survival Skills

Tim MacWelch

Language: English

Pages: 499

ISBN: 2:00318857

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Be Prepared. Be a Survivor.

Are you preparing for the collapse of society? If so, you are definitely not alone.
In this timely follow-up to The Ultimate Survival Manual, Prepare for Anything is packed with hundreds of gear, skills, and survival tips and strategies to help you be ready for anything, from economic collapse and terrorism to natural disasters and government surveillance.

All over America, families are transforming spare rooms into long-term storage pantries, planting survival gardens, unplugging from the grid, converting their homes to alternative sources of energy, taking self-defense courses, and stocking up on just about everything and anything imaginable. So what are all of these people preparing for?

The motivations may vary, but the general consensus is that our world is becoming increasingly unstable, and there are a whole host of civilization-endangering events to be concerned about. Outdoor Life: Prepare for Anything will take you through these potential threats and teach you how to become prepared for them, from how to strategize and the right gear to your actions in the wake of a disaster—or simply how to get back to the land and become less dependent on the system. This is the book for the growing prepper movement, with hands-on hints, easy-to-use checklists, and engaging first-person stories to break down the crucial do’s and don’ts, educate yourself on various threats, and help to ensure that you ride out whatever Mother Nature, the government, foreign powers, or modern society can throw at you.
Includes vital information on:
• How to Prepare Skills to know in order to prep for a natural disaster, economic collapse, or societal restructuring.
• Stock Up What should be in your house, pantry, basement, bunker, and go-bag.
• What to Do How to handle yourself and your family in the wake of disaster, from creating a plan to leading your neighborhood watch

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times are tough, you may not have the luxury of popping on down to your local superstore to find just the right item for the job. That’s when you think like the pioneers—what would Pa Ingalls have done? Here are a few ideas. We bet if you look at your workshop with a creative eye, you’ll come up with a few more. CARRY DRYWALL Big sheets of drywall, plywood, or even heavy cardboard can be a real hassle to carry around if you don’t have arms like a chimpanzee. Use a pry bar as an arm extender to

responsibility—but it could save your life in the right situation. You should consider various factors when choosing a firearm, such as ease of use, reliability, and ammunition. The most powerful, top-of-the-line gun will be of little use if it’s hard to maintain, troublesome to carry or operate, or if it runs out of ammo to shoot. Whatever choice you make in this process, be sure you know everything about properly operating and maintaining your firearms, and keep them safely and securely stored

installed. In addition, inspect your chimney regularly, and keep it clean—chimney fires are common in older homes. BE READY Kitchens are typically where home fires begin. Keep a fire extinguisher in plain sight, so that anyone can use it in the event of a fire. It’s also wise to keep a fire extinguisher in a secondary location—perhaps one that would be fire-prone as well, such as a room with a fireplace or a home workshop. GEAR UP Smoke hoods can also be a smart investment. These breathing

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as adrenaline) administered by a pen-shaped auto-injector. If you stock a few in your medical kit, make sure they’re kept in a stable-temperature environment and are within their expiration date. STEP 1 Remove the cap from the end of the injector. STEP 2 Grip the shaft firmly in your hand, with your thumb on its back, and aim for the victim’s thigh muscle. (You can even use the pen through a layer of clothing.) STEP 3 Jab down firmly against the muscle, keeping the shaft of the pen

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