On Dangerous Ground (Sean Dillon Book 3)

On Dangerous Ground (Sean Dillon Book 3)

Jack Higgins

Language: English

Pages: 386


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

As 1997 approaches, England's prime minister learns of a secret document signed by Mao Tse-tung that could delay the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong for an additional 100 years. The British hire former terrorist Sean Dillon to keep the document from coming to light, before parties in Hong Kong retrieve it and destroy the balance of world power.

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into the darkness. “Now what?” Hannah demanded. At that moment, a voice over the tannoy system said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Prime Minister.” Dillon said, “He isn’t the kind to commit suicide, so he wouldn’t walk up to him in the crowd.” He looked up at the wheelhouse perched on top of the ship, three levels of decks below it. “That’s it. It has to be.” He ran for the steps leading up, Hannah at his heels, Ferguson struggling behind. He looked along the first deck which was deserted and

track along the glen was dry and dusty and hard on her feet, and after a while she came to a five-barred gate with a sign that said LOCH DHU ESTATE—KEEP OUT. It was padlocked and she pulled herself over and limped on. And then she rounded a curve and saw a small hunting lodge by the burn. The door was locked, but when she went round to the rear a window stood ajar. She hauled herself through and found herself in a small kitchen area. It was gloomy now, darkness falling, but there was an oil lamp

part of my irresistible charm,” he said and paused suddenly. They were close to the west end of the loch, the old hunting bothy where Morgan and Marco had dealt with Fergus on their left. He was still lying down on the shoreline, face in the shallows. Asta said, “My God, isn’t that a body?” “That’s what it looks like.” They hurried down the slope and reached the sandbar. She stood there while Dillon waded in and turned Fergus over. Asta gave a sudden exclamation. “Fergus.” “Yes.” Dillon

told him. “The deer can’t fight back. At least in the ring the bull has a chance of sticking his horn in.” There was silence and Dillon said, “Sure and you put your foot in it there, old son.” “Dear me, so I did.” Morgan smiled at Hannah. “So sorry, Chief Inspector, I wasn’t supposed to know, was I?” “Oh, I wouldn’t say that,” Ferguson told him. “All out in the open, so we all know where we are,” Dillon said. “And on that note we’ll say goodnight.” Ferguson stood up. “Whatever else, you’re

stood by the dining table, Luca on one side, Asta on the other holding the Walther in her hand. “Dillon?” he called. “Can you hear me?” Dillon called back. “Yes.” Morgan went round the table and got Ferguson by the collar. “On your feet,” he said. “Or I’ll kill you now.” He pushed the Brigadier around the table toward the open windows and the terrace. “Listen to me, Dillon, I’ve got your boss here. I’ll blow his brains all over the room unless you do as I say. After all, he’s what you’ve come

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