Official Xbox Magazine (December 2013)

Official Xbox Magazine (December 2013)

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Official Xbox Magazine is a monthly video game magazine which started in November 2001 around the launch of the original Xbox

The 2008 Presidential Elections: A Story in Four Acts

Operation Mind Control

Way Off the Road: Discovering the Peculiar Charms of Small Town America

Making the World Safe: The American Red Cross and a Nation's Humanitarian Awakening

To End a War (Modern Library Paperbacks)



















Ground Zeroes’ purpose is effectively to frame the narrative of the main game, and to help players grow accustomed to the new style of play. The demo’s scenario takes place on a moonlit, rainy night — immediately familiar, as it was originally revealed in September 2012. This time, however, the demo becomes interactive: piloted by creative producer Yuji Korekado, Big Boss infiltrates a stronghold in the middle of a torrential downpour. True to form, what we’re shown is not pulled from the game

firepower of a heavily armed mech. We’re not sure why more people haven’t played this explosive oddity, but having to change its title from Trenched not long after its release for legal reasons certainly didn’t do it any favors. 3 Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Released April 2011 •PRice $15 develoPeR cApybArA GAmes originaLLy a nintendo DS game, this unconventional mix of RPG adventuring and grid-based puzzling earned itself an HD remake. Its five heroes sprint about some attractive fantasy

first time, Raph is just as useful as the other turtles. rIghT He was never a fan-favorite on the show, but Leo’s one-note “I’m the leader” character is Out of the Shadows’s worst. Completing combos unlocks finishers which are flashy, but often mess up your rhythm. You can switch between turtles “on the fly,” though the lag doesn’t make it a reliable way to keep combos going. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows A half-shelled effort PUB Activision DEv Red Fly Studio ESrB Teen

understandably tough topic to handle, no matter the medium, but did neither first-party have a problem with all the, y’know, goofy voice-acting? CALLiNG upon members of the gaming industry to end “the nefarious relationship between videogame makers and gun makers” was Connecticut Speaker of the House J. Brendan Sharkey. The speaker’s main gripe was that using real-life DENyiNG that Xbox Live apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus can be used as a substitute for traditional, expensive TV cable packages

worse than having a wasp on your shoulder is having an enemy pilot trying to jack your Titan. “pilot” and Titan sidekick gives you, at present, three armory sets to choose from before throwing you into action (heads up: the pilot’s multiple-headshot Smart Pistol is a riot, and way more powerful than it looks). In screenshots, the relatively small map may call to mind the distressed, brown-tinged palette of today’s typical multiplayer warfare, but in person it’s more exciting than anything we’ve

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