Oathblood (Vows and Honor, Book 3)

Oathblood (Vows and Honor, Book 3)

Mercedes Lackey

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 0886777739

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This exciting new anthology includes a new novella featuring Mercedes Lackey's most popular heroines, Tarma (one of the sword-sworn and most feared of all warriors) and Kethry (who wields magic and weapons for the greater good), whose fates are suddenly bound together in blood by the powers that control their destinies. Also included in the unique volume is the complete collection of Lackey's short stories about these two brave sisters as they answer the call of their destinies with sword and sorcery!

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someone I can trust completely, but I don’t quite know who—” “How about me?” Ikan offered. “I know my way around down there; I could go and be back again before spring thaw. Sooner, with a change of horses. Justin and Tarma can handle the boys without me for that long.” Tarma laughed. “I might accuse you of trying to get out of some hard work if I didn’t already know how miserable winter is in Jkatha; you’re going to be in for a cold, soppy ride. Of course we can spare you; this is too

tomato, seemingly as complacent as the farmers it shone down on. “How far to the next town?” she asked over the dull clopping of hooves on flint-hard earth. “Huh?” Her companion, the Shin‘a’in Swordsworn Tarma, started up out of a doze, blinking sleepy, ice-blue eyes. Her granite-gray mare snorted and sneezed as the thin swordswoman jerked alert. “I asked you how far it was to the next town,” Kethry repeated, raking sweat-damp amber hair with her fingers, trying to get it tucked behind her

bright rugs. Her mind felt as blank as the walls. “Start at the beginning,” she told herself. “Follow what happened. The girl came in here alone—the man followed after she was asleep—then what?” :He was found at his desk,: said a voice in her mind, startling her. :He probably walked straight in and sat down. What’s on the desk that he might have been doing?: Every time Warrl spoke to her mind-to-mind it surprised her. She still couldn’t imagine how he managed to make himself heard when she

things that looked like nothing so much as walking suits of armor. “Sheka!” Tarma cursed, and threw herself out of the cage, did a shoulder roll to cushion her impact, and came up running, heading for Kethry. Keyjon was so astonished that she stood there, mouth hanging wide open, while Tarma grabbed Need and shoved her through the bars at Kethry. Kethry grabbed it just as Keyjon recovered, pointing at the three of them, and shrieked something foreign even to Kethry’s ears. Whatever it was, the

and a good one, and believe me, the stories you have heard about me and Keth aren’t but a quarter of the truth. Justin and Ikan have similar histories.” Her smile turned feral. “The reason you weren’t told is because both your parents and I know you boys would have had one of two reactions—you’d either have disbelieved it, figured it was boasting, and ignored what we tried to hammer into you, or you would have believed it and decided to prove you were better than us. Neither reaction is conducive

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