No Beast So Fierce

No Beast So Fierce

Edward Bunker

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1842432664

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An angry and mercilessly suspenseful novel about an ex-con's attempt to negotiate the 'straight world' and his swan dive back into the paradoxical security of crime. No Beast So Fierce is airtight in its construction and almost photorealistic in its portrayal of LA lowlife, the terrors of liberty and high of the quick score. 'The summer's smartest reissue' - The Face 'Crime reissue of the year' - i-D 'Bunker is obviously a man of unusual gifts honed under circumstances that would destroy most men' - Los Angeles Times

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were seen. I hardly expected them. I was too small a fish for so expensive a net. As we started down the alley a second time, another problem came to mind: L&L Red. He looked too much like what he was: a drunken, lecherous bum. His loose-lipped face was the archetype of depravity. His pullover shirt was torn at the right armpit so that hairs jutted out. I was ashamed of being ashamed—for compared to Abe he was virtuous, or at least had those virtues I esteemed: forthrightness and loyalty. Under

it, never having another frame of reference. What joys she’d found had been in reading, but books had not instilled any desires, at least not conscious desires. A daring night had consisted of drinking beer and driving too fast on a country road, parking and heavy petting, and all of it filled with delicious guilt. She rebelled against Calvinist rectitude without gainsaying its validity. Her husband was from Baltimore, an engineer fifteen years older than herself. She met him when he was in the

yet?” “No. I go for young boys.” Her face fell utterly blank, then turned to a consuming blush when I burst into laughter. “I’ve got to pick up a car at a gas station in Hollywood at 8:30. Can you get me there?” “I’ll be late for work, but I can call in.” The building holding her apartment was older than most of those in the hillside canyons. It was a dark-yellow stucco with tile roof and wrought iron railings on the balcony, a Spanish-influenced design. A winding, curbless road led to it,

in crime we’d be overrun with competitors. To me the gain seems worth the risk.” “I’m with both of you assholes all the way to the gas chamber,” Jerry said, “if we gotta go that far. But I’m going to look around for another jug in case this doesn’t get together.” “It’s agreed,” Aaron said; then to me: “I’ll need somewhere to work on the equipment.” “How’s a garage?” I was thinking of Willy Darin’s. “If there’s tools a garage will be fine. It’ll take half an hour or so—mostly just adapting

carefully shutting the door to preserve the warmth, was a caricature of a cowboy. He wore faded jeans, an old sheepskin coat, worn cowboy boots. The lean six-and-a-half-foot figure was topped by a wide-brimmed Stetson dappled with sweatstains. He was in his forties. The freezing cold hit me as I got out. My breath turned to vapor. “Fill up?” the man asked. “Yeah … and check everything. We’ve got a long haul.” “Comin’ from Californy ya’ll be needin’ anta freeze.” “Put it in. Where’s your

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