Robert Silverberg

Language: English

Pages: 270

ISBN: 1480418099

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Robert Silverberg’s enduring classic about one man’s journey to find salvation for a planet on the brink of destruction
“Roum is a city built on seven hills. They say it was a capital of man in one of the earlier cycles. I knew nothing of that, for my guild was Watching, not Remembering.”
For a thousand years, mankind has lived under the threat of invasion from an alien race. After the oceans rose and the continents were reshaped, people divided into guilds—Musicians, Scribes, Merchants, Clowns, and more. The Watchers wander the earth, scouring the skies for signs of enemies from the stars. But during one Watcher’s journey to the ancient city of Roum with his companion, a Flier named Avluela, a moment of distraction allows the invaders to advance. When the Watcher finally sounds the alarm, it’s too late; the star people are poised to conquer all. And so, with the world in turmoil, the Watcher sets out alone for the Hall of the Rememberers, keepers of the past, where humanity’s last hope for survival might be hidden . . .  

Camp Concentration: A Novel

The Kingdom (Chiveis Trilogy, Book 3)

Daybreak Zero (Daybreak, Book 2)

The Girl Who Owned a City

Pure (Pure Trilogy, Book 1)

Odds Against Tomorrow



















having written it.” That was a good thing to hear, because Fred and I had had some pretty heated correspondence in the interim about the two sequels to the original story, and I welcomed the pacifying gesture. But at the time I wrote the original novella, I had no time to worry about whether it was a great story, or even a good one, or whether Fred Pohl really and truly loved it. What mattered was the check for $513 that the story produced, which would pay several weeks’ rent at my current

When I asked him details of his Pilgrimage, he answered obliquely or not at all. When we were an hour’s journey outside Roum, and already amid forests, he said suddenly, “This mask gives me pain. Will you help me adjust it?” To my amazement he began to remove it. I gasped, for it is forbidden for a Pilgrim to reveal his face. Had he forgotten that I was not sightless too? As the mask came away he said, “You will not welcome this sight.” The bronze grillwork slipped down from his forehead, and

texture and color, facial features arranged at random, all kinds of genetic improvisations of organs and bodily accessories. Bernait himself, although their brother, seemed appalled by their monstrousness. They looked to him with awe. At the sight of us some of them fondled the throwing weapons at their hips, but a sharp command from Bernait prevented any trouble. He said, “I regret the treatment you received and the death of the outworlder. But of course it is risky to enter a place that is

wife. “I also saw Gormon in Perris,” I said. “He goes by the name of Victorious Thirteen now. He is high in the councils of the invaders.” Avleula smiled. “Gormon and I were together only a short while after the conquest. He wanted to tour Eyrop; I flew with him to Donsk and Sved, and there he lost interest in me. It was then that I felt I must go home to Hind, but later I changed my mind. When does your renewal begin?” “At dawn.” “Oh, Tomis, how will it be when you are a young man? Did you

began to Watch. In my Watchfulness I did not soar to the stars, as I had in the old days. Although I perceived, my perception was limited to the immediate surroundings of my room. Eyes closed, body hunched in trance, I reached out and came first to Avluela; she was near me, almost upon me. I saw her plainly. She smiled; she nodded; her eyes were aglow. —I love you. —Yes, Tomis. And we will be together always. —I have never felt so close to another person. —In this guild we are all close, all

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