New River Blues (Sarah Burke Mysteries)

New River Blues (Sarah Burke Mysteries)

Elizabeth Gunn

Language: English

Pages: 214

ISBN: 0727867326

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A Sarah Burke Mystery - Tucson Police detective Sarah Burke is called in to investigate a horrific double murder in a high-dollar neighbourhood, and the tragic destiny of a rich and troubled family unfolds . . . Meanwhile, Sarahs household bulges at the seams, as her niece, her mother and her boyfriend all search for accommodation in her small spaces and crowded schedule, and her sister, as usual, does nothing to make things easier . . .

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bought about her usual quota of Christmas presents, threw the usual big lavish party for the neighbors, but last year, in addition, she sent a check to her brother for fifty thousand dollars.’ ‘Theodore? Doesn’t he have plenty of his own money?’ ‘Akito says, “So we are given to understand.” He talks like that. But Theodore told Eloise he had some bad days at the track or something, now he was invited on a cruise over Christmas, he’d need nice presents for everybody. He was “temporarily

Sunday nights.’ ‘Then your information’s wrong, Detective. This is an escort service, not a whorehouse. Prostitution is illegal in Arizona.’ ‘But if I can prove that my person’s vehicle was at your house during the hours I’m interested in, bearing in mind that you don’t want to lie to the police, especially during a murder investigation, then we could have a conversation, right?’ ‘If you come to my house and show me your badge while you hand me the subpoena, then we could have a conversation

swallows, I think, and then I don’t remember anything until Zack woke me up on the floor upstairs.’ He was quiet a few seconds and then asked, looking into their faces, ‘Could that happen? You ever been fine one minute and the next you’re passed out cold?’ He was sitting there waiting for their answer, apparently convinced they would be able and willing to settle this vexing question. Sarah remembered Leo Tobin saying, ‘I think Pauly Eckhardt was just in that house at the wrong time . . . The

thought the last few spaces there should be saved for older family members. She thinks he wants to put as much distance between himself and the Della Maggios as he can.’ When they saw the hearse coming, they stepped a few feet back and stood under a palo verde, far enough away so Roger and Adam needn’t acknowledge their presence, near enough so Patricia could see them if she looked. The pall-bearers got out of the long black limousine behind the hearse and the family out of the next one. Only a

around the holes that’s cleaner than the rest, too – we’re waiting on the lab for that. Either way, we’ll remove this section of the lines, and the empty cylinders, to show the jury. But I wanted you to see them in place first, the way I did. In addition, we can point out the odd driving behavior that Sarah observed.’ ‘He was attempting to control his speed by downshifting,’ Sarah said, ‘and using the hand brake. He didn’t dare tell Roger Henderson the car was disabled. So he thought he could

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