.net [UK] (June 2015)

.net [UK] (June 2015)

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Pages: 116

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As always, you can rely on Net to keep you informed about the world of the web.

We feel it’s our duty to edit the information out there and present it for you to pick and choose from.

We exclusively reveal Harry Roberts’ CSS architecture methodology for large projects and explain how to get started with React – the JavaScript library that’s taken the community by storm.

As you can see from our cover, we also explore plenty of WordPress. If that’s your thing, don’t miss The Ultimate Guide to WordPress, which comes free with this issue.

Plus, there's lots more not to be missed:

From Photoshop to Prototype. Create rich, layered mockups with UXPin.

Make type work on all devices: Ensure text is easy to read on any screen size.

We chat to Scott Jehl about the project that changed the face of web design, and why it’s our duty to start being more responsible.

Nerf guns sit next to awards certificates in Superhero Cheesecake’s Amsterdam office. Niels van Esch gives us a tour.

Rob Mills reveals the golden rules for writing copy that enagages its audience.

Encountering Development

Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps

Android Application Development Cookbook: 93 Recipes for Building Winning Apps

jQuery Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for jQuery Developers





















successful in the field you’re interested in, even if it’s not the highest paying or most prestigious role. You’ll learn from the best, which in this ever-changing industry, is more beneficial than most college courses. CHRIS MIL L S K IM L AW L ER Senior tech writer, Mozilla Web designer developer.mozilla.org kimlawlercreative.com You need to generalise first, learn a good solid foundation of core technologies (including ‘raw’ HTML, CSS and JavaScript), and then start thinking about

around the idea of the DNA and how that could be represented through the structure of the site. (5) The next step was to build out more detailed wireframes. 5 4 66 june 2015 awareness about GeneLab and inspiring investors to keep the project going. net: Can you talk us through your approach to grids? MB: This is a text-heavy site. The whole thing is routed according to these DNA sequencing images, which were translated into a graphical language. The goal is always to find a good concept

their site, without fear of losing a key piece of functionality. What if you have a plugin that is tightly coupled with the theme? My approach here is to include styles for the plugin functionality in the theme. This approach can also potentially lower the number of http requests, which makes for better site performance. There has been substantial debate around this topic, and if you want to explore further, take a look at Tom McFarlin’s ‘Should I do this in a WordPress theme or plugin?’ (netm.

and secure WordPress codebase. If you are looking to expand your knowledge even further, a great place to start would be the Theme Review Handbook (netm.ag/handbook-267) which is maintained by the WordPress.Org Theme Review Team. Happy theming! Next month: Get started with the popular Genesis Framework june 2015 75 Secondary feature A few high-profile acquisitions coupled with a downturn in business has led to speculation that we are witnessing the end of an era. Tanya Combrinck asks: is the

as Storey puts it: “No matter how you dice up the numbers, that’s a lot of Adobe subscriptions and opportunity.” june 2015 81 FREE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO WORDPRESS Download your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to WordPress – all you need to master the world’s most popular CMS WORTH £6.99! Discover the best themes and plugins, learn expert techniques – including how to customise the admin area and master the Loop – and make sure your responsive WordPress sites are future-proof. Whether you’re a

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