Natural Witchery: Intuitive, Personal & Practical Magick

Natural Witchery: Intuitive, Personal & Practical Magick

Ellen Dugan

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0738709220

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A natural Witch has an appreciation of nature and an awareness of the magickal energies present in all things. This kinship with the unseen world is at the heart of Witchcraft. It is also the foundation of all magickal work.

You will enhance your spellcrafting, empower your witchery, and add richness and depth to your everyday life by developing your intuition and psychic skills. Natural Witchery features straightforward how-to's, first-hand stories, spells, rituals, fun quizzes, and creative exercises to help you live a more magickal life:

Learn how to tune in to many different kinds of energy, such as the cycles of the moon and the energy of the seasons, and use it to fuel your spellwork  
Explore different types of psychic abilities, and discover your own elemental strengths and challenges
Use natural witchery to create more harmony and balance in your home, workplace, and circle

This friendly guidebook also includes a Book of Witchery with magickal correspondences and a handy journal section for keeping track of your progress.

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totality, then you can go from there. 0 During a deep and dark-toned lunar eclipse, work spells and charms for protections, banishings, and bindings. 1 For this rating, with that dark grey or brown color, try working glamouries or spells for neutrality or invisibility, or to make your actions go unnoticed. 2 The dark red hue corresponds with the Mother aspect of the Goddess, as well as healing, love, and protection magick. 3 An eclipse that rates a 3 on the scale, with a red

by an artful or insidious means to one’s own advantage.” In other words: tampering with another person’s free will. A classic example would be a love spell cast on an unknowing target. However, manipulation typically occurs in magick by accident, even by practitioners who start out with good intentions. Healing spells cast without the intended’s permission are a common and unknowing example of magickal manipulation. Yes, of course you want to help, and healing is indeed a positive magick.

other members, but what keeps the group together is a the chance to study, learn, and to grow together in that spirit of friendship. Now that you have an idea of what a circle is, what points should you keep in mind if you feel you would like the opportunity to work with a group of other Witches? To start, I would recommend that you keep working on your intuition and learning to sense psychic energy. This comes in very handy when you work with a group. Solid magickal development and personal

company. Then it was decided that it was time to test the magickal waters. So we all discussed the idea and then decided who would do what—in this case, call the quarters and cast a circle. I asked who would be comfortable with which elemental quarter, and since there were four of us, it fell into place nicely. Two of us had some group experience and the others had not—so we talked it out and came up with a working plan. We got the kids settled with a few videos, then we trooped off to the

coalesces and then wafts around you. With the mist visualization I like to picture a large, brewing, sapphire-colored cauldron at my feet. The contents of this deeply blue cauldron bubble, boil, and then spill over the sides. As the liquid hits the ground, I imagine it forming a mist of glittery, blue-colored protection around me. Depending on the situation, the mist may spin clockwise or counter-clockwise; typically I see clockwise as protective and counter-clockwise as banishing, meaning

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