My Darling Melissa

My Darling Melissa

Linda Lael Miller

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0671737716

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“The reigning queen of Americana romance” (Romantic Times), #1 New York Times bestseller Linda Lael Miller charms with this unforgettable Western love story of a runaway bride who wants only to hear three little words from a dashing Oregon lumber baron: My Darling Melissa

When beautiful heiress Melissa Corbin discovers on her wedding day that her groom has a mistress, she begs for a ride out of town on Quinn Rafferty’s private railway car. Determined to prove she’s an independent woman and not just the baby sister to her three older brothers, Melissa makes Quinn a tempting offer: her inheritance in exchange for a marriage that would be in name only—until she says otherwise. But as Quinn’s burning caresses kindle a white-hot desire like she’s never experienced before, the headstrong beauty knows she is falling in love...and won’t admit it until the man she married does first! It’s a gloriously passionate standoff for two proud hearts, a battle of wills too thrilling to resist.

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as hers there would always be nothing but crises, and it did appear that he was right. Quinn was in his study when Melissa hurried into the house. He was wearing rough-spun trousers, a flannel shirt, and work boots, and he needed a shave. Melissa came up short when she saw him. Her husband looked exhausted and smelled like an old bear, but as always, the sight of him had a powerful impact on her. “I was fired today,” she burst out breathlessly. The expression on Quinn’s face was a guarded

down for fifteen or twenty minutes.” Melissa was thrilled to step into the culinary breach. She waved the housekeeper aside and began scraping and chopping carrots. She wasn’t conscious of Quinn’s presence until he spoke to her from just the other side of the cutting board, startling her so badly that she nearly stabbed herself. “Do you do everything with the same fevered energy, Mrs. Rafferty?” Melissa smiled, wildly glad that her husband was home. “Why didn’t you tell me that you have a

occasionally the whistle, long after Quinn’s coach had disappeared from sight. Slowly she started toward the house she had come to regard as home, her lower lip caught between her teeth, her shoulders stooped. Darkness had fallen by the time Melissa let herself into the house by the kitchen door, and Mrs. Wright laid one hand to her elderly heart and drew her breath sharply at her appearance. It seemed Melissa was forever startling the poor woman. Mrs. Wright’s surprise at her entrance soon

Seattle, Mr. Rafferty?” He arched one eyebrow and then rubbed his chin before answering. “Briefly. Why?” “The money I mentioned is in an account there.” Quinn cleared his throat and sat forward in his chair, looking earnest and impossibly pompous. “Listen, Melissa—I think this whole idea calls for some careful reconsidering on your part. After all, you’re only a woman, alone in the world—” She smiled sweetly as she interrupted him. “But I’m not alone in the world. I have you, Mr. Rafferty.”

had chattered on for several minutes before she brought herself up short and said, “I’m sorry, Quinn. I didn’t even ask about Mary. Is she going with us, or will she stay here?” He sighed. “She’s staying—going back to school.” Melissa slid her arm through the crook of her husband’s. Their baggage was being carried outside and loaded into the boot of a carriage, and in the distance she could hear the sad drone of half a dozen steam whistles. “Maybe Mary will want to come back to Port Riley when

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