Mr. Impossible

Mr. Impossible

Loretta Chase

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0425201503

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Blame it on the Egyptian sun or the desert heat, but as tensions flare between a reckless rogue and beautiful scholar en route to foil a kidnapping, so does love, in the most uninhibited and impossibly delightful ways.

Broken Lords (Broken Mirrors Duology, Book 2)

2 Bodies for the Price of 1 (Body Movers, Book 2)

A Moment In Time

Avenger's Angel (Lost Angels, Book 1)

Water for Elephants




















hand is warm,” she said accusingly. “Does nothing alarm you?” He was starting toward where he estimated the doorway was. “Not this,” he said. “I am armed, you know, and it’s simple enough to find the way out.” “It is simple enough if you can see where you’re going,” she said. Searching with his free hand, he found the edge of the doorway. “And if you can’t?” he said. “I can think of half a dozen different ways we could die,” she said. “With or without villains’ assistance.” DAPHNE KNEW SHE

“Bribed,” she said. She began to pace, innocently unaware of the enticing way the thin trousers slid against her legs, the way they concealed then revealed the turn of ankle and calf and thigh, the way the fabric shifted with the sway of her hips. He watched, not at all innocent or unaware. “Fourth.” He paused briefly. “It grieves me to admit it, but Noxious was right about one thing: French or not, our villain has an impressive network of spies.” “How else would he have had time to arrange

FOLLOWING their arrival found Daphne on the opposite side of the Nile from Minya. A ways to the north behind her, a small cluster of hovels signified a village. Nearer at hand a larger and more extensive cluster of chapels and domed tombs signified the district’s burial ground. She stood at a respectful distance from the cemetery proper, staring at a complicated arrangement of metal pieces whose operation Mr. Carsington was explaining. He had one of the coveted Manton pistols in his hand and

you never think of me? No, why should you? I’m merely a great, dumb ox. I have no feelings, so why should you consider them?” “Feelings?” she cried. “What do you know of feelings?” “This,” he said. In the same breath he’d closed the space between them. In the next he’d pulled her into his arms. She didn’t come easily. She tried to wriggle away, but he held on. And once he’d caught her firmly, she beat at his chest. He pulled her hard against him and kissed her. She stopped beating his chest.

into brothels and opium dens. Archdale was probably still carousing in such a place. No doubt his servant had smoked too much hashish, and ended up annoying somebody, who paid him with a flogging. Rupert was on no account to enlighten Mrs. Pembroke. He was to humor her. “You might inquire at the guardhouses and that sort of thing,” Beechey had said. “I’d advise you to question the servant privately. If you do run Archdale to ground, or he turns up on his own, as is more likely, give her

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