More Fearless Change: Strategies for Making Your Ideas Happen

More Fearless Change: Strategies for Making Your Ideas Happen

Mary Lynn Manns, Linda Rising

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0133966445

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

63 New and Updated Patterns for Driving and Sustaining Change


“The hard part of change is enlisting the support of other people. Whether a top manager interested in improving your organization’s results or a lone developer promoting a better way of working, this book will give you tools and ideas to help accomplish your goal.”

–George Dinwiddie, independent coach and consultant, iDIA Computing, LLC


“Keep the patterns in this book and Fearless Change handy. … These patterns transformed me from an ineffective ‘voice in the wilderness’ to a valued collaborator.”

–Lisa Crispin, co-author (with Janet Gregory) of Agile Testing and More Agile Testing


In their classic work, Fearless Change, Mary Lynn Manns and Linda Rising interviewed successful leaders of change, identified 48 patterns for implementing change in teams of all sizes, and demonstrated how to use these techniques effectively. Now, in More Fearless Change the authors reflect on all they’ve learned about their original patterns in the past decade, and introduce 15 powerful, new techniques–all extensively validated by change leaders worldwide. Manns and Rising teach strategies that appeal to each individual’s logic (head), feelings (heart), and desire to contribute (hands)–the best way to motivate real change and sustain it for the long haul.


Learn how to

  • Focus on the best things you can achieve with limited resources
  • Strategize to build flexible plans and go after low-hanging fruit
  • Get help from the right people in the right ways
  • Establish emotional connections that inspire motivation and imagination
  • Create an “elevator pitch” that keeps everyone focused on what truly matters
  • Build bridges, work with skeptics, soften resistance, and open minds
  • Uncover easier paths towards change, and build on what already works
  • Sustain momentum, provide time for reflection, and celebrate small successes


More Fearless Change reflects a profound understanding of how real change happens: not instantaneously in response to top-down plans and demands, but iteratively, through small steps that teach from experience. Best of all, as thousands of change agents have already discovered, its patterns are easy to use–and they work.

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interested a chance to contribute. Involve everyone. When individuals express an interest in helping, add their names to the growing list of go-to people you are likely to need someday. If you can’t find the perfect fit for a task, consider cultivating new talent—ask someone who has expressed an interest or a person you sense would like to get involved and is willing to try. Someone with a willingness to work hard may produce better results than a person who appears to have the expertise but

the innovation is being imposed or is simply just the “buzzword of the week.” If you suspect this could happen, it may be better to concentrate on growing more grassroots interest first. The team that worked over a three-year period to earn Division I NCAA Certification for their university’s athletic program found that the support of the chancellor was vital. Although he was not involved in doing the large amount of paperwork, his occasional attendance at the team meetings was uplifting because

make it clear and alive; trust your people; don’t interfere with their work; and give feedback at critical points. Insights The pattern name “evangelist” was contentious at the beginning because some thought it had a religious flavor. We considered changing the name of this pattern to energizer, but now we realize that “evangelist” is the right choice. In the early stages of introducing a new idea, the evangelist doesn’t know that it will work within the organization and, therefore, must

leaders, such as connectors and bridge builders, know the stories around the new idea so that they can share them when given the opportunity. This pattern is about hearing from a friend or trusted colleague. A story can be even more effective when it comes from someone we know more than from an unfamiliar expert. This is especially true for members of the early majority, which makes up about one-third of a normally distributed population.96 Innovator Roger lived next door, so every time he

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