Moon Island

Moon Island

Rosie Thomas

Language: English

Pages: 464

ISBN: 1552781364

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One girl's coming of age.


The Saturn Game

Star Rider (The Saddle Club, Book 19)

Strength of Stones


















chance, May thought. Ivy spun round and the sisters grinned at each other. ‘We’re ready to eat,’ Ivy shouted. John came in from the deck, with rain shiny on the shoulders of his slicker, bringing cold air with him. Lucas shuffled to his feet. ‘I better go.’ ‘I’ll see you out,’ Ivy said. ‘Be at the Star Bar later?’ He waved at May, a mock-formal gesture that ended almost as a salute, and went on his way. Once Lucas had gone, they sat down to eat. Ivy had laid three places close together at

hands. The winter lay ahead of them, a passage of ascending stairs of ice and vortices of wind, and they both knew it was an obstacle too great for Aaron to want to negotiate yet another time. ‘Until next summer,’ he said. ‘Next summer,’ she answered, keeping her voice level. He did not want an avowal of any kind and nor did she. They had adopted a different way, for all of their adult lives. She brushed his cheek with her mouth, so briefly that it was only the ghost of a kiss. She was already

would it be a problem for her? Didn’t you say Duhane’s wife was dead?’ Marian was presiding at the stall. The church green was already thronged with people although it wasn’t quite noon and the Reverend Leavitt hadn’t declared the fair officially open. There were families with young children and weighty, meandering older couples, most of them wearing bermudas and peaked caps against the bright sunshine. It was one of Pittsharbor’s rare, truly hot days when even the breeze off the sea was

looked at the uppermost photograph. It was of a girl sitting on a rock. Her arms were wrapped around her drawn-up knees, but there was movement in all the lines of her body, as if the photographer had unexpectedly called her name and she had turned happily to see him. Her face was solemn but it was about to break into a delighted smile. Her eyes were locked straight into the lens. May was gazing at the picture when Marty came back. She fumbled and almost dropped it, ashamed she had been caught

Marian’s hat to the Captain’s House. It stood at a slightly different angle from the others, seeming to turn aside from them and away from the full assault of the sea and wind. He could imagine that a seafarer had built it, a man who had had enough of the weather and the elements, but still couldn’t quite leave them behind. May had been standing on the lower deck looking down at them, but now she had disappeared. Marian was insistent. ‘Tomorrow, what about that? Come over and have a meal with us

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