Monster Rally

Monster Rally

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S. Michael Wilson has unearthed lost gems from vintage zines and commissioned reams of new material to brew up a devil’s cauldron of monsteriffic entertainment! Explore, if you dare, a sampling of the demonic delights within: The Black Pope of Satan’s favorite fear films! The mindbending connections between DARK SHADOWS and H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos! The perverse paganism of LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM! The links between mobster Tony Soprano and GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE’s Caleb Croft! Shoot down Peter Jackson’s overstuffed remake of KING KONG! Trip out on the truth about LSD, Commies and THE ANGRY RED PLANET! Survey apeman savagery on film with a genuine Bigfoot expert! They’re all here: Karloff and Lugosi, Freddy, Jason, Argento, Craven, Romero, werewolves, vampires and zombies; Criswell, Santo, psycho-killers, cannibals, Big Bugs and so much more!

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themselves into movie stars. Occasionally, even a pro wrestler like Hulk Hogan makes the shift from the ring to the screen. But how often does a pro wrestler - or any athletes at all - become as legendary for their films as they did for their athletic achievements? Not often. And never as legendary as one Mexican professional wrestler whose star continues to shine even brighter today than ever before. In 1942, after years of portraying bad guys in the squared circle, a 25-year- old professional

away with that one. Instead, they used the body suit from the neck down, minus the headpiece, hiring Blaisdell to make some minimal alterations in the design to make it slightly less recognizable. To further disguise it, they also swathed it in a shapeless, sack-type dress. The headpiece job went not to the already reasonably priced (and then some) Blaisdell, but to the even more affordable makeup man, Harry Thomas. Proving that his memorably botched design for FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER was no

insect as their springboard. Alfred Kinsey, the pioneering sex researcher, began by studying insect behavior before turning to the less bizarre peculiarities of human sexual behavior. Naturalist Edward O. Wilson's in-depth study of the ants inspired him to develop the science of sociobiology, the study of how genes shape all species behavior, including that of us Homo sapiens. Insectdom is Nature's boiling pot, where micro-life has evolved to fit nearly every environmental niche possible on

happen. Maybe it won’t. Maybe it’s happening right now!" PHASE IV (1973) In Paramount's THE NAKED JUNGLE (1954), Charlton Heston builds a thriving cocoa plantation deep in the South American jungle circa the 1900. After conquering the natives, the climate, other cutthroat colonists, and the love of his mail-order bride, he foolishly thinks his little piece of civilization is secured, unaware that an unstoppable army of red ants is devouring anything in its path. What follows is a battle between

O’Donnell is a writer and artist. His work has appeared in EYE, TOXIC HORROR, SCREEM, and X: THE UNKNOWN. He is also the editor of THE ZOMBIE FACTORY: 27 TALES OF BIZARRE COMIX MADNESS FROM BEYOND THE TOMB! J.F. Guida is Head Senior Computer Technician for Bergen County Cooperative Library System, which spans over a 1200+ computer network in 74 cities and 4 counties. He first started writing as a contributor to independent zines, including THE MONGOLOID MOOSE and X: THE UNKNOWN. Since then, he

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