Mission to the Heart Stars

Mission to the Heart Stars

James Blish

Language: English

Pages: 78

ISBN: 0380579685

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Into the heart of the Milky Way!

Earth wants to join the incredibly powerful Federation of the Heart Stars. But first, an expedition mys journey to the center of our galaxy to be accepted by the ancient and advanced civilization of Malis, the leader of the Heart Stars.

After receiving space directions on the Mars moon of Phoebus, the earth expedition proceeds into the uncharted vastness of space. Streaking faster than the speed of light, they venture where no man or woman has ever been before, to strange--and dangerous--planets. But the biggest peril of all awaits them on Malis itself, where the fate of earth will be decided!

Originally published 1965.

The Saturn Game

The Gallows Curse

Out of My Mind

My Education















every other possible collection of the space-travel hardware it had been carrying at enormous losses for decades. It would, of course, continue to regulate the spaceways, but it was delighted to let people like Paul X. McCrary try to make a profit out of them, something the government itself was forbidden to do. Picatinny was an easy trip from Washington, and the cadets were able to make frequent visits, though all on their own time, to watch the liner being turned from a gleaming, slightly

to me, is like an algebraic formula: it states the general case as elegantly as possible, but all the terms in the equation are parameters which you must fill specifically in terms of your own experience. You need to have led a rich and thoughtful life before the formula becomes applicable to you. If you are, in addition, especially thoughtful, you may in the long run be able to refine the formula itself. But that doesn't happen very often. It's a noble ambition, though, I think.' 'Is it yours,

them. Third, they also know that even their ordinary light cruisers could catch the Argo in a stern chase with no trouble at all, even on the Standing Wave, and they know that we know it. So they won't be expecting us to do anything so silly as to try. That will give us a little head start. Fourth, we won't have to be gentle about the manner of our leaving. We can go directly out of orbit into Haertel drive, without any preliminary edging away from Malis.' 'But what about the shock wave?' Jack

Dr Langer, it just occurred to me that the whole dolphin culture - the whole whale culture except for the killers - is stable in just the ways that the Heart Stars want a culture to be stable. But all the same, I don't think it'd be possible for the Hegemony to have a race like the dolphins inside it. With all the sea to swim in, the whales are too free for the Hegemony. It's that same unlimited freedom that's made them as stable as they are; they've never had any need to fight among themselves -

to us. The whole ball is about a hundred thousand light years in diameter, which is about standard for a major galaxy; there are many smaller ones, but hardly any larger.' As he finished, the misty sphere was slowly bisected by a thin black line. Jack could not resist exclaiming, 'And there's the galactic plane!' 'Yes, but actually it's the galactic equator; the plane doesn't show yet. In this case, it's not just a mapping convention but a real thing, as you'll see in a minute. Notice that

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