Mission: Success!

Mission: Success!

Og Mandino

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0553265008

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A success book that both motivates and entertains, this is the gripping story of a World War II bombardier who is granted a very special gift--the gift of success--which he now shares with us all.

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before takeoff, painted with every possible obscenity for Hitler. The green of England’s countryside. The acrid smell of fifty-caliber bullets after they had been fired. The White Cliffs of Dover. George McCord downing three Messerschmidts with his twin tail guns on our twentieth mission. The proud sounds of Big Ben. Glenn Miller’s mysterious disappearance over the Channel. All my memories, however, are little more than faded tintypes when compared to the permanent imprint that Winnie Marlow

lived in, Framingham, is on the route of the famous Boston marathon, which is run every April. It’s about nine miles from the start of the race, and at just about the point where the better runners get their second wind while the inexperienced begin dropping out from the pain and exhaustion. I can remember reading the interviews with the winners and they always mentioned the agony they suffered until they got their second wind.” “William James, the psychologist, in one of his essays, Luke,

an official apology to the Swiss for this most unfortunate releasing of explosives over their territory. Your names, of course, will be withheld from the press. Rumors may fly around the base for a while, but we shall do everything in our power to squelch them … and fast.” “Let me be sure I understand, sir,” I said. “When we are awakened for the usual briefing along with the other crews in the morning, we are to leave all our personal belongings in our hut as we do on every other mission?”

of Success to the press, and dedicate the building to her. Low key. British style. But that was before my trip to Matthew’s Court this morning. I guess telling it all to Miss Warner was a good catharsis for me.” “And you do have copies of The Seeds of Success to distribute?” “Yes. Margaret copied its few words from the book with her word processor and ran off fifty sets before I left Scottsdale.” He grinned nervously. “Do you suppose your PR man could have an advance copy?” “Of course.” I

Completely passive. The psychiatrists believe it is some form of regression caused by the trauma of the explosion.” “Not even a sound from her … all these years?” “Not until tonight. My wife and I were in here enjoying your interview when Winnie’s nurse came rushing in to tell us that Winnie was also watching your program in her room and she was sobbing, rocking back and forth in her wheelchair, moaning and pointing frantically at the screen. I ran back to her room, so excited that I forgot my

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