Mickey Rourke: Wrestling with Demons

Mickey Rourke: Wrestling with Demons

Sandro Monetti

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 192674540X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This talented but troubled star who first came to fame in '80s hits like 9 1/2 Weeks and Angel Heart, spectacularly fell from grace in an orgy of self-destruction. As an actor, he gained a trouble-maker reputation, often fighting with producers, showing up late to sets and not learning lines, raising hell and turning down star-making lead roles. Rourke's acting career eventually became overshadowed by his personal life and career decisions.In 1991, Rourke decided to go back to his first love: boxing. During his boxing career, he suffered a number of injuries that resulted in a dramatic physical change. What was Rourke's problem? Mickey Rourke: Wrestling with Demons chronicles the star's extraordinary adventure through life, from his nightmare childhood, broken marriages, arrests, and brain damage to a suicidal visit to a New York Church, the death of his brother in his arms, and to his Academy award nomination for The Wrestler. Written with passion, insight and expertise by respected show business reporter Sandro Monetti, this is a very human and compelling story.

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character of Jack Bledsoe, the eccentric lead actor who is surrounded by an entourage of street urchins and pseudo gangsters. Mickey would continue to be associated with Bukowski even up to the writer’s death. In its obituary of the poet in 1994, the New York Post used a photo of Mickey as Henry Chinaski in the film instead of a picture of Bukowski. Barfly was a positive experience for Mickey overall and made him feel a bit better about the world after losing his way following A Prayer for the

take home to their parents and Mickey got so upset that his teacher eventually told him he didn’t have to write “To Dad” on his. The joining of the Addis and Rourke clans sounded like the set-up in the classic TV sitcom The Brady Bunch. But the way Mickey remembers life back then, it was more like living in the Manson family. Gene was strict with him, Joey, and Patti, just as he was with his own children. But Mickey hated his tough guy ways. He quickly came to loathe his stepfather and has

Stephen Fry. Mickey played the villain Darrius Sayle, a flamboyantly dressed tycoon with an elaborate plan to take revenge on the British prime minister for bullying him when they were at school together by killing all of Britain’s schoolchildren, with a computer virus. Stormbreaker failed to make a killing at the box office, thereby foiling plans for this to be the first in a franchise of Alex Ryder films. There had also been high hopes for Killshot (2005/2009) because it was based on a novel

life as well, going around not with a chip on his shoulder but a boulder, and seemingly also carrying an edge of danger. Hollywood executives were scared of him because of the way he used to show up on set with an entourage of Hell’s Angels, bodyguards, and various other tattooed tough guys. In fact, Mickey always seemed to have a pack of human Rottweilers with him. Growing up around gang members and boxers in Miami had instilled in him an admiration for such hard men and he felt a lot more

discusses his drinking problem with his father, Big Daddy. While rehearsing it, Mickey wasn’t able to make the father-and-son relationship convincing. He talked it over with Seacat and she said he would continue to have a problem with that scene, and similar ones in the future, unless he got to know his own father. She advised her student to go and find his dad and talk to him. Mickey was reluctant. He hadn’t had any contact with Phil since his parents parted all those years before. But he was

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