Message from Hell

Message from Hell

A. J. Quinnell

Language: English

Pages: 280

ISBN: 1857976266

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Creasy is on a mission to rescue a US serviceman taken prisoner 26 years earlier during the Vietnam War. However, he has been tricked into this by a high-ranking officer of the Khmer Rouge, who harbours a grudge against Creasy for the death of her father. A dangerous cat and mouse game ensues.

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connections." The taxi pulled up at the Hotel Continental. Every time she came to Ho Chi Minh city she always decided to stay at a modern hotel, but inevitably she changed her plans at the last minute and booked into the Continental. Her father had stayed there very often during his years in Vietnam. He had told her of its famous veranda and bar and its old colonial atmosphere. It was always a bitter-sweet feeling as she went through the door. Then, after a few minutes, it was better to have the

three taels. The difference in value was because the two were experts in mine-laying and clearance." She sat down and they could all see the sadness permeating her face. Quietly, Creasy asked: "Were they identified?" "Not by name. Only by dogtag numbers." Jens was transcribing the last page into his computer. He looked up and said: "The buyer and seller were not identified by name either. Only by code words. The Vietnamese was known as a Commander Tanon and the Cambodian by the name of

early in the mornings, which I'm told will get worse before it gets better. Mentally, I'm a little schizophrenic." Creasy carried over her glass and asked: "What do you mean?" She took a gulp of the water and answered: "I feel the reflection of a great deal of affection, both from you in a physical way, and of course from Jennings. It's a little strange. In all my life I never had a young man like that literally at my feet; but I also feel the affection from Jens and The Owl and from Guido. I

was Tan Sotho. He had become fond of her. It was not a word normally associated with people like him. The rusty hinges of the door squeaked as it opened. The Dutchman looked up. Creasy was standing there. He had a revolver in his hand, unbalanced by a fat silencer. The Khmer Rouge soldiers scrambled for their rifles. Creasy shot them both. As they fell to the floor he stood aside and another man came through with a submachine-gun held ready. De Witt recognized Guido Arrellio. He moved quickly

He would not have to wait long. She turned to Van and whispered, "I think it's Creasy against the left-hand wall. Make your way to the other side of the temple, and then move forward firing when I shout 'Go!' I'll attack from this side." The Vietnamese stood as solid as if petrified. She pushed him, hissing: "We kill him or he kills us." Slowly, Van moved to her right, clutching his SMG like a child clutching its mother's breast. Creasy knew the density of the minefield, and knew what luck

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