Mendel's Dwarf

Mendel's Dwarf

Simon Mawer

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 014028155X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Like his great, great uncle, the early geneticist Gregor Mendel, Dr. Benedict Lambert is struggling to unlock the secrets of heredity. But Benedict's mission is particularly urgent and particularly personal, for he is afflicted with achondroplasia—he's a dwarf. He's also a man desperate for love. And when he finds it in the form of Jean—simple and shy—he stumbles upon an opportunity to correct the injustice of his own capricious genes.

As intelligent as it is entertaining, this witty and surprisingly erotic novel reveals the beauty and drama of scientific inquiry as it informs us of the simple passions against which even the most brilliant mind is rendered powerless.

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over to support Johann at the university. And Theresia—stout, sensible Theresia—would surrender her own share of the inheritance, her dowry in fact, to help her beloved brother with his studies. So he stayed at his studies, living from hand to mouth, doing some private teaching, scratching out a living, battling with poverty and guilt. The church of Vražné/Hynčice lies up the hill on the far side of the stream, half-hidden among the lanes and gardens, couched among silver birch. There is a

diminutive horses grazing nearby, of the kind bred for use in the mines. It was obvious. A gruff voice answered his knock: “Ja?” “Darf ich eintreten?” “Herein.” German, then. He had guessed Slav of some kind. One expected German blood to have a certain purity. He climbed the steps and ducked into the doorway, and found himself in a miniature world, the inhabitants small, the furnishings small, the whole interior as though glimpsed through the wrong end of a telescope. He might have been the

Mendel doesn’t even mention it, but that storm destroyed the magnificent greenhouse in the monastery garden, the greenhouse that he had used for more than a decade for much of his experimental work. I think the destruction of the greenhouse, coming as it did on top of the scientific world’s indifference to his discoveries, broke his heart. It wasn’t God, of course; it was nothing more than the same lady whom Mendel understood so well, who was, is, so much a part of his theory of

restriction site created by the transition2 from G to A, will be digested by SfcI into two fragments, respectively fifty-five and one hundred nine base pairs long. Such fragments may easily be resolved by electrophoresis in polyacrimide gels, and may be readily distinguished from the full hundred-and-sixty-four base section. We have shown that all three segments are present in heterozygotes, only the full-length one is present in unaffected controls, and in the three homozygous patients tested so

I want it to be your story, from your viewpoint. Literally, as well.” He crouched down, just to make it clear. “Lots of low camera angles. The world according to Ben.” He cut at the air with the blade of his hand. “What’s that guy doing?” Eric called from the bar. “Giving you grief, is he?” “He’s from television.” Eric nodded as though that explained all. “How’s Jean, by the way? Haven’t seen her for ages.” At Eric’s words, Toogood’s eyebrows rose. He tensed visibly, like a pointer sensing

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