Manifest Your Destiny: The Nine Spiritual Principles for Getting Everything You Want

Manifest Your Destiny: The Nine Spiritual Principles for Getting Everything You Want

Wayne W. Dyer

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0060928921

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the inspirational leader and author of the international bestsellers Your Sacred Self and Your Erroneous Zones comes this mind-awakening guidebook for making your desires reality.

Wayne Dyer is an extraordinary sensor of what people want and he moves with the ever-changing times. He focused on the heart of the spiritual with Real Magic and embraced individual sacredness with Your Sacred Self. In this enlightening work, he takes these concepts one step further to focus on meditation and manifesting what you want.

Based on ancient principles and spiritual practices, Manifest Your Destiny teaches the process of meditation as a way to streamline your thoughts, desires, goals, and, ultimately, your life. Are the decisions and actions in your life controlled by your ego? Are you weighted down with unresolved troubles? Do you feel out of touch with your environment? Do you complain, find fault, or take for granted more often than you appreciate your life? You can overcome these barriers with Dyer’s technique, as outlined in his Nine Spiritual Principles that will teach you to develop spiritual awareness, reconnect with the world, trust yourself and accept your worth, and let go of demands.  

Filled with warmth and insight, this invaluable book will help you achieve your goals and take you to a level higher than you've ever dreamed.

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see yourself as growing out of this world, you see that the native intelligence that was in the very seed of your procreation is an energy flowing through everything in your world. You and the environment of that growth process are distinctly identifiable but always connected. Inseparable in the same way as your breathing and the air you breathe, your walking and the ground upon which you walk and your thoughts and the organism with which you think. Notice that everyone breathes the same air,

between the political right and left and religious beliefs, and the division continues right on down into families and, eventually, into individuals. The process of division is the opposite of the hologram model of our reality. Essentially, like it or not, human beings are the same everywhere. We share the emotions of fear, love, hate and jealousy. We also share our life-giving blood, intermingling it for the survival of those who need it, and we have the same internal organs and thoughts. Yet

of people all working in harmony, you would have nothing showing up in your life. Even if you are a “self-made person,” you could not have gone past the first moment of your independence without the gifts of the very basics that you used to become self-made in the first place. Just remind yourself of this fact each day and gratitude will begin replacing cynicism. Practice a silent expression of gratitude when you start to see your desires manifesting from the universal source. A very private,

enter this world. Cross the line that separates the physical you from the you that is just as real, but unseen. When you overcome the obstacles of your mind that prevent you from crossing the line, your unseen self will be your ticket to creation in your life. TRANSCENDING YOUR CONDITIONING Like it or not, all of us have been conditioned to think and act in ways that have become automatic. We need to figure out how to get past this conditioning if we want to gain access to our highest self. You

the things that have previously failed to show up in your life. Remember, as you think, so shall you be. If you think you can’t, you are right, and that is precisely what you will see showing up in your life. The results of “I can’t” lead to the next conditioned response. I have tried before and it has never worked for me. Here, the conditioned response is believing that once having tried and failed, further efforts will yield the same results. A key word in this thought is “try.” Trying means

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