Lucien Tregellas (Mills & Boon Historical) (The Cornwall Collection)

Lucien Tregellas (Mills & Boon Historical) (The Cornwall Collection)

Language: English

Pages: 304


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From wild and rugged Cornwall, the setting of Poldark and Jamaica Inn, comes another fabulous, dramatic story…

When Miss Madeline Langley is saved from some very unwanted and improper attentions on two separate occasions, she is too relieved to enquire her protector's name. Little does she know that her tall, dark defender is Lucien Tregellas, known to all of London as the Wicked Earl!

Tregellas has no intention of an amorous interest in any woman; he has a much more pressing matter of concern on his mind. But when Miss Langley is inadvertently drawn into the sinister game being played out, he knows he must act. Beneath his cold indifferent facade Lucien finds he is not unaffected by the woman who is now legally his own.

Originally published as The Wicked Earl.


Four wonderful atmospheric historical romances - perfect for fans of Winston Graham's Ross Poldark and Demelza, and Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca and Jamaica Inn.





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his hand to her arm, her hand, even her shoulder. Miss Langley, the elder, sat rigidly in position, but he could tell by the slight aversion of her face from Farquharson that she did not welcome the man’s attention. Mrs Langley’s headpiece was a huge feathered concoction, and obviously hid Lord Farquharson’s transgressions from the lady’s sight, for she raised no comment upon the gentleman’s behaviour. Miss Langley’s attention was focused in a most deliberate manner upon the stage. Tregellas’s

to intimidate her. By tomorrow the poor child will be so distraught she won’t know what she’s saying.’ ‘Madeline is resting. It would be unfair to subject her to such scrutiny.’ Lucien’s teeth gritted with the rage that roared within him. That Farquharson had the audacity to accuse anyone else of the heinous crimes for which he himself was responsible! Farquharson turned to plead his case with Mr Langley, dropping his voice to a more controlled volume. ‘Please, Mr Langley, I beg of you,’ he

silence followed. ‘Would you care for some eggs, or a chop, perhaps?’ ‘No, thank you. The coffee will suffice.’ She gave a small half-smile and looked around the room, unsure of what to say next. Lucien helped himself to some ham and rolls. ‘I was thinking,’ he said. Madeline’s eyes wandered back to him. ‘Perhaps it would be better if we went away for a short while. It would let the worst of the gossip die down and allow your parents to grow accustomed to the idea of our marriage.’ ‘Go away

bedchamber. She was being fanciful and foolish. She was just overtired and thinking too much on Lucien’s story of Farquharson. Everything would seem better in the morning, in the sunlight, with Lucien by her side. As she turned to go, the moon escaped the cover of the cloud and lit Madeline’s route across the library with a soft silver brilliance. She smiled a small smile at her good fortune and glanced down at the floor. Still smiling she stepped forward, raising her eyes…to look directly into

she sought, just conscious of an escalating urgency and her overwhelming love for the man who was stoking such powerful sensations within her body. Lucien. Lucien. It seemed she cried his name a thousand times within her mind. Needing him. Wanting him. ‘Lucien.’ The cry of desperation burst aloud from her lips, but Madeline no longer knew what was real and what was not, caught as she was in an escalating vortex of sensual force. Lucien could not fail to answer such a plea. He rolled off her long

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