Love's Unfolding Dream (Love Comes Softly Series #6) (Volume 6)

Love's Unfolding Dream (Love Comes Softly Series #6) (Volume 6)

Janette Oke

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0764228536

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Clark and Marty's daughter, Belinda, uses her gift of mercy and tender heart as she trains to be a nurse. Love Comes Softly book 6.

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listened, she would have heard many things about him that she would have admired—both true and imagined. But she did not listen. She was tired of the tales. She was tired of the swooning. She wished Jackson had never arrived to upset her three girls and her world. She even considered forbidding the girls to talk about Jackson once they were in the kitchen, but she decided not to, in case the regulation would blow the situation way out of proportion. After all, it was a passing fancy. At their

house. She needed to check on Melissa. She prayed that there had been damage only to Melissa’s clothes and not to her pride—or to their friendship. Belinda found Melissa in her room. She had removed the torn dress, but she had not put on another. Instead she lay on her bed, her face buried in her hands, her shoulders shaking with sobs. “Melissa,” cried Belinda in alarm. “Were you hurt?” Melissa looked disgustedly up at Belinda, her eyes swollen from crying. “As though you care,” she

had expected to encounter screams of pain. “Well, here’s my nurse,” Luke announced to both the mother and the little girl. “Guess we’d better get to work, huh?” The woman took Belinda’s coat, and Luke sent Belinda to the washbasin in the kitchen to carefully wash her hands. She knew when she had finished, he would also insist on pouring a strongsmelling disinfectant over her hands. She didn’t mind the smell, but the kids at school teased her about it—it stayed with her for days. But Luke always

House Calls. 5. A Surprise 6. Planning. 7. Melissa Joy. 8. Getting Acquainted. 9. Cousins 10. School 11. Back to Routine 12. Emergency 13. The New Neighbors 14. Talking It Out 15. Sunday Dinner for the Teacher 16. Pride 17. Hired Help 18. Adjusting 19. The Triangle. 20. Helping Luke 21. An Accident? 22. Introductions. 23. Birthday Party. 24. A Caller 25. Sorting It Out The Davis Family The Davis family has grown in size and maturity over the years. You may need a bit of

his heart that the change might continue and that she would begin talking to him, chatting as mother to son, perhaps even allowing him a chance to talk about his missing arm. He studied his mother carefully each day when she returned from the Davis farm. Drew did not understand the Davis family. But he could sense that they were different in some way. He had never seen a woman who seemed to be as sensitive—as caring—as Mrs. Davis. Drew longed to see that look of love and caring in the eyes of

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