Love in Another Town

Love in Another Town

Barbara Taylor Bradford

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0061092096

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Estranged from his wife, Amy, Jake Cantrell feels his life has stalled as he approaches his twenty-ninth birthday. Seeking a divorce and distance, he has moved to the town of Kent, Connecticut, to concentrate on his new electrical contracting business. But at the first meeting of a local amateur theatrical group, he meets Maggie Sorrell, an interior designer who will be working with him on sets and lighting.

Charming, attractive, and fifteen years Jake's senior, Maggie has also come to Kent fleeing a broken relationship—cruelly betrayed by her lawyer ex-husband and painfully out of touch with her two grown children. And as they begin renovations on an old farmhouse, Jake and Maggie find themselves drawn together by a powerful emotional need and falling in love—a love that will have to endure many obstacles and tragic circumstances to bloom gloriously in a small town.


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driveway of Havers Hill, the farm Maggie had been hired to remodel, restore and decorate. Jake parked near a big red barn and then walked around to help her get out of the pick-up. He gave her his hands and she took them. As she jumped down she lost her balance and stumbled against him. He caught her, held her in his arms for a brief moment, and she clung to him. They drew apart quickly, staring at each other self-consciously. Maggie turned away, straightened her jacket to cover her sudden

anything. Now he felt that Maggie was necessary to his well-being, his very existence, and this bothered him. He disliked being dependent on another human being; it made him feel vulnerable. At the outset of their relationship, the night they had slept together for the first time, Jake had come right out and said it – told Maggie that he loved her. It was true, he did. But Maggie had not declared herself. He was not really worried, although he would like to hear her say it, because he knew she

was a look and an environment that she strove hard to create in her own decorating schemes for her clients. The landscape around the hotel was equally captivating, and it reminded her of the northwestern highlands of Connecticut. The moment she had set eyes on it she had begun to feel homesick. Maggie now realized that she couldn’t wait to get back to her house in Kent. And to Jake. He was constantly on her mind; she rarely stopped thinking about him, wishing he were here, wishing he could be

that we’re heading back home. I purposely waited so as not to spoil your trip.’ Maggie said quickly, ‘But I already know that! He told me himself, weeks ago. Actually, it was a few days after we became lovers. He was very honest with me, Sam. He said he had been separated for a year, living alone for that time, and was in the middle of a divorce. Are you suggesting he’s still living with his wife?’ Samantha shook her head and said swiftly, ‘No, no, I’m not.’ ‘Who told you he was married?’ ‘A

and giant stalactites which glittered in the white light, sent out hundreds of thousands of prisms of coloured light, ranging from pale yellow to pink and blue. Amy was momentarily blinded by the clarity of light in the crystal cave, and she blinked several times. A moment later she saw more clearly than she had ever seen before. She saw her past life, saw herself, and she understood at once why she had failed in her earthly life. It was because of her negative approach, her apathy; and she was

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