Love Finds a Home (Love Comes Softly Series #8) (Volume 8)

Love Finds a Home (Love Comes Softly Series #8) (Volume 8)

Janette Oke

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0764228552

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Belinda finds that she once again faces decisions about her life, but now with God's peace. Love Comes Softly book 8.

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Heaven was a state of mind, he argued. Mr. Walsh went so far as to declare that heaven was reserved for a “special” group, but he wasn’t sure just who or what determined the special ones. Mrs. Allenby sat silently, her eyes darting back and forth between the speakers, while Mrs. Whitley fidgeted with her napkin and turned from pale white to blushing red and back again. Belinda could tell Celia Prescott was getting ready to involve herself in the discussion—she was not going to allow the men of

decision, it did cause no small stir in the household as it came to be known. Windsor summoned Belinda, his face ashen white and his voice choked with emotion. “Come quickly, miss,” he trembled. “Something is the matter with M’lady.” Belinda sped from the room. She had been sitting alone waiting for Mrs. Stafford-Smyth to join her for breakfast. “Call the doctor,” she flung over her shoulder as she ran. A shocked Sarah stood at the bedroom door wringing her hands and sobbing. She had

dreaming.” “What are you doing here?” Belinda asked again. “I . . . I work for this firm,” he responded. “And you?” “You . . . you work here? Why . . . why haven’t I seen you before? I’ve been in and out of this office almost daily it seems for . . . for just forever.” “You have?” Drew said in surprise. “You mean . . . you’ve been here? In Boston?” “I have been for three years,” Belinda informed him. “I can’t believe it! Here we are . . . in the same city, so . . . so close to each other

her way home she was taken ill— at our town. They brought her to Luke. She was really very sick. Had suffered a stroke. We didn’t know for days if she would make it. But she did. Gradually. When she was well enough to travel on home, she asked me to accompany her. I did because I was . . . well, bored, I guess, and had never seen anything but our little town.” “So you came to Boston,” said Drew. “Now I remember, Luke told me briefly of your out-of-town patient. I hadn’t realized that you had

would be asking them for a room. But, Mama, things are different now. I’m not the young girl I was when I stayed with Luke before. I need to . . . to find my own way. I can’t . . . can’t make my home with Luke and Abbie forever.” Belinda could see the concern in her mother’s eyes as she looked at her. “Ya sound like yer course is all set,” Marty said slowly, “as though yer expectin’ to always be as ya are now . . . on yer own.” “I’m fine, Mama. I’m sure the Lord will help me find my place.”

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