Lord of the World

Lord of the World

René Guénon

Language: English

Pages: 76

ISBN: 0900306920

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This remarkable book grew out of a conference headed by René Guénon, the sinologist René Grousset, and the neo-Thomist Jacques Maritain on questions raised by Ferdinand Ossendowski’s thrilling account in his Men, Beast and Gods of an escape through Central Asia, during which he foils enemies and encounters shamans and Mongolian lamas, whose marvels he describes. The book caused a great sensation, especially the closing chapters, where Ossendowski recounts legends allegedly entrusted to him concerning the ‘King of the World’ and his subterranean kingdom Agarttha. The present book, one of Guénon’s most controversial, was written in response to this conference and develops the theme of the King of the World from the point of view of traditional metaphysics. Chapters include: Western Ideas about Agarttha; Shekinah and metatron; The Three Supreme Functions; Symbolism of the Grail; Melki-Tsedeq; Luz: Abode of Immortality; The Supreme Center concealed during the Kali-Yuga; and The Omphalos and Sacred Stones .

The Lord of the World is the true Authority on Earth and reference to Him can be found in every tradition. He is associated with the name Manu amongst the Hindus; Metatron among the Kabbalists; and Melchizedec in the Judaeo-Christian tradition. His abode is sometimes called 'Agarttha'; a place analogous to the 'Siddhashram' of the Yogis or the 'Shambhala' of the Tibetan Buddhists. The idea of Agarttha often gives rise to wild and imaginative accounts of secret underground cities and the like but in this book you can discover what this place really is and how it functions in the present time-phase.

The very real fact of The Lord of the World has been buried out of sight in the West or distorted by supposing that the 'Lord' is an authority solely of the material domain. The true Lord of the World unifies both material and spiritual authority in Himself and is not a satanic or even demiurgic principle. He is the very action of God on
this planet.
The Lord of the World, by the great traditionalist, Rene Guenon, has never been published in English before. The time has come for this important work to be widely known.
'We must be ready for an immense event in the divine order which we are travelling towards with an accelerated speed that must astound all who watch. Awesome oracles have pronounced already that the time is now.'

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know through other sources that stories of this kind are widely current in Mongolia and throughout Central Asia, and we can add that there is something similar in the traditions of 3 We should say that in this connection the existence of peoples 'in tribulation', of which the gypsies are one of the most striking examples, is truly something very mysterious that demands close examination. 4 Dr Arturo Reghini brought to our attention that this could have some connection with the timor panicus of

its disappearance from the visible world, the centre bore another name since 'Agarttha'', which means 'ungraspable' or 'inaccessible' (and also 'inviolable' as it is Salem, the 'abode of peace'), would not yet have become appropriate. Ossendowski dates its withdrawal underground as 'more than six thousand years ago', which turns out, given a reasonable approximation, to correspond to the beginning of the Kali-Yuga or 'Black Age', the 'Iron Age' of the ancient West, which is the last of the four

associated with the swastika. In the latter, however, the circumference is not delineated in order to give an immediate indication of the centre: the swastika is not an image of the World, but of the action of the Principle in relation to the World. The symbol of the Omphalos could be placed in a position that was simply the centre of a particular area - the spiritual centre, of course, rather than the geographical one, although in certain cases these might coincide. If the latter was the case,

that covering the circuit of the labyrinth traced on the floor of some churches on foot was considered a substitute for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land for those who could not achieve the latter. 8 That Delphi played this role for Greece has already been noted; its name calls to mind the name of the dolphin, whose symbolism is very important. Babylpn is 62 Lord of the World the latter, also denoting a Greek city, is of particular interest as a designation of a spiritual centre, as it is plainly

titles have equal validity, including that of the 'Pure Land' 1 which Plato aptly bestows on the 'Abode of the Blessed'.2 This 'abiding' usually takes place in an 'invisible world', but if one wants to understand this, one must remember that it is the same with 'spiritual hierarchies', spoken of by all traditions and which represent in fact degrees of initiation.3 In this contemporary period of our terrestrial cycle - that is 1 Among the Buddhist schools which exist in Japan there is one, the

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