Lip Service (Lone Star Sisters, Book 2)

Lip Service (Lone Star Sisters, Book 2)

Susan Mallery

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0373773722

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Skye Titan's wealthy father thinks he can still dictate his daughter's choice in men. Now widowed and a single mother, Skye isn't the yes-girl she once was. Especially since the love of her life is back in Texas after eight long years. He won't like the answers to the questions he's asking. About why she left him at the altar. And about her eight-year-old daughter.

Former navy SEAL Mitch Cassidy comes home to find nearly everything different. His wounds from battle have changed the way people treat him. His cattle ranch is suddenly organic. But time hasn't touched his desire for Skye—or the sting of her betrayal. Forget lip service. He's asking that luscious mouth of hers to reveal the truth. But will Mitch be able to put the past aside to help Skye get out from under her father's thumb…and help himself recover from a broken heart?

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He’s been specially trained, you know. So you can mount him from the other side. I think he’s really smart. Maybe after you get to know him and everything maybe I could ride him sometime.” “Sure,” Mitch said absently, thinking he would never ride the horse. What was the point? There wasn’t anywhere to go. Erin handed him a brush, then grabbed a second one for herself. She stepped up to Bullet and went to work. “You’re not scared, are you?” she asked, not looking at him. He studied the horse.

him and at the time, it had been enough. “You want to go fast?” Erin asked, looking eager. Mitch found himself wanting to see what he and Bullet could do. “Sure,” he said. She leaned over her horse and whispered something. The animal shot ahead. Mitch tightened his muscles and Bullet raced after her. The wind blew in his face. Despite his amputation, he stayed on the horse without a problem. Freedom, he thought, grateful for the chance to experience this again. He owed Erin for pushing. Owed

remembered the recent headlines. “The rumors about mad cow?” “We’re guessing that’s Garth. Now he’s after the foundation again. Somehow, someone got into our computer program. Financial records have been changed. They’re showing big bonuses paid to senior staff, but we don’t pay bonuses. They’re also showing that I wrote a lot of checks to myself and someone’s started rumors that I’m covering some bad investments.” She cleared her throat. “None of it’s true, but no one will care about that.

was the one who had suggested she start the foundation. He’d helped her with all the logistics and had offered to give her more seed money. He’d been a lot older, but his heart and spirit had been young and he’d treasured her and Erin. Now he was gone and she didn’t know what was going to happen next. Except maybe it was time for her to take charge of her own life. To do what was right for herself and her daughter and not let every man around her tell her what to do. CHAPTER FOURTEEN SKYE WOKE

a gut instinct about these things.” Joss grinned. “It’s part of my charm. Just ask my wife.” “I’ll pass.” Joss patted the brochure. “Think about it. The next class starts in a couple of months. By then they won’t be able to shut you up in group.” “That will never happen.” “I know, but it’s fun to think about. You’ve got someone to watch your back, Mitch. There are plenty of guys who don’t have anyone. That’s not right and it’s something we can change—one vet at a time.” Joss walked back to

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