Limitless: Inspirations for a Ridiculously Good Life

Limitless: Inspirations for a Ridiculously Good Life

Nick Vujicic

Language: English

Pages: 74

ISBN: 2:00221126

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Succinct insights and words of encouragement for anyone - regardless of circumstances - from the bestselling author of Life Without Limits and Unstoppable.

Born without arms or legs, Nick Vujicic overcame his disability to find a rich and independent life that is a model for anyone seeking authentic contentment. The author of the best selling books Life Without Limits and Unstoppable, Nick now offers succinct insights and encouragement to anyone - regardless of circumstances.

This attractive book - ideal for gift giving, includes 50 inspirational devotions to help readers face life with hope, confidence, and courage. Topics include faith, personal crises, relationships, career and job challenges, anger, health and disability concerns, self-esteem, responding to intolerance, finding balance, the power of dreams and many others. Nick has proven that even the most intimidating challenges need not prevent a limitless life.

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feet, He can use anybody. It’s not about ability. The only thing God needs from you is a willing heart. What do you need to live in faith on this earth and then to be blessed with eternal life in the kingdom of heaven? You need a relationship with Jesus Christ as your personal savior. Where you are weak, God is strong. When you walk in faith each and every day, your life has no limits. You can take that on faith, which I highly recommend, or you can take it from the pages that follow, which

reservoirs of hope, faith, self-esteem, positive attitudes, courage, resilience, adaptability, and good relationships, you can’t just sit around and wait for a break. You have to seize upon every thread and weave a rope you can climb. Sometimes you’ll even find that the boulder that fell and blocked your path also left an opening that takes you to a higher place. But you have to have the courage and determination to make the ascent. One of our mottos at Life Without Limbs is “Another day,

becomes part of who you are. Your passion leads you to your purpose, and both are activated when you share your gifts with the world. You are custom-made for your purpose, just as I am for mine. Every part of you—from your mental, physical, and spiritual strengths to your unique package of talents and experiences—is designed to fulfill that gift. If you haven’t found the work God intended for you, ask yourself these questions: What drives you? What makes you excited about each day? What would

There 21 Now I See 22 Turn Off Dark Thoughts 23 Just the Way You Are 24 Outside of Yourself 25 Celebrate Your You-niqueness 26 Learning from Failure 27 Don’t Go It Alone 28 Another Day, Another Opportunity 29 Look, Then Leap! 30 Make Your Break 31 Find a Creative Option 32 The Hidden Gift 33 Reach and Stretch 34 Get Back Up 35 Meltdown Management 36 Reality Check 37 Learning from Loss 38 A Perspective on Fear 39 A Shining Faith 40 Hearing Your Life’s Calling 41 A Passionate

by the earthquake. In the face of such devastation, I worried that I would not know what to tell these orphans. The earth had opened up and swallowed everything they had loved and known. I had never endured anything so terrible. What could I say to them? We had brought warm coats and other clothing for them, but how could I give them hope? When I arrived at the orphanage, I was mobbed. One child after another embraced me. I didn’t speak their language, but that didn’t matter. Their faces said it

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