Lessons from Armed America

Lessons from Armed America

Kathy Jackson, Mark Walters, Masood Ayoob

Language: English

Pages: 139

ISBN: 1453685553

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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Author note: Forward by Masood Ayoob

Whether you are new to the concept of armed defense or have long since made it a part of a prudent lifestyle, you'll find much that is useful in this book. Read it the way Kathy and Mark wrote it, that is, don't just look at it, but study it for its lessons! - Massad Ayoob Founder, Lethal Force Institute Author of [i\]In the Gravest Extreme[/i] - These are serious words from Massad, the Master of self defense!

Don't rely on others to protect yourself and your loved ones. "Lessons from Armed America" is the essential primer for self defense. Kathy and Mark are the experts that answer all your questions on stalking, real-life firefights, prevention and awareness, as well as carjacking and use of nonlethal force.

They tell it like it is with candor and compassion, speaking through both experience and well-thought-out-research. If you're serious about protecting your family, this is the one book you MUST read!

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surprise and using the larger opponent’s energy against him. Hard styles, in contrast, are better left to larger people, for whom the hard styles are tailor-made because larger people can naturally put more weight and thus more energy behind strikes and blows. The biggest weakness of traditional martial arts is that they are traditional – that is, full of tradition. In the past, it was common for each master instructor to keep back a few important secrets. As an old man, [28] the master might

be effective, it’s nowhere near the magic talisman that its proponents suggest. Many determined opponents can ignore or fight through their physical responses to its use, and a certain number of people are entirely immune to its effects. Pepper spray has been on the market since the early 1990s, and is currently in use by thousands of police departments across the United States. Except in very rare circumstances, it is non-lethal. A few folks have no reaction to the stuff at all. But the

in martial arts, and for those who do not have the mindset to do whatever it takes to debilitate someone enough to prevent them from continuing the attack after the current shuts off if the attack does not occur within 30 seconds of a safe haven. Knives Knives are, of course, lethal weapons with all that entails. Among other things, this means that pulling a knife on an assailant is the legal equivalent of firing a gun at him, or using any other form of lethal force against him. Legally

voice sounds less serious, less authoritative, less worth heeding than a deep and powerful voice. To naturally lower your voice and also increase its volume, bring the sound up from your diaphragm in a solid, explosive sound. Consciously force your voice to be both loud and deep, coming from the belly and lower chest. This loud, deep command voice does not come naturally to many of us, but it is worth practicing. One common hurdle to using our voices in this way is simple embarrassment, as in

defendant than exhibit A. I would rather bear the mark of Cain than the mark of Abel.” [108] So would I, brother. So would I. In the end, each person must come to terms with what they are willing to do to protect themselves and those they love. And in the end, every determined survivor must be able to say with a pure heart and a clear conscience: Human life is worth defending. Bibliography Artwohl, Alexis & Christensen, Loren Deadly Force Encounters: What Cops Need To Know To Mentally And

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