Legendary Locals of Mill Valley

Legendary Locals of Mill Valley

Joyce Kleiner

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Since the 1800s, Mill Valley has attracted spirited freethinkers, entrepreneurs, nature lovers, rabble-rousers, and more than a few rock stars. Early Mill Valley booster Sidney Cushing encouraged tourism with a train up Mount Tamalpais called the Crookedest Railroad in the World. Laura White, more concerned with protecting Mill Valleys natural beauty than attracting more people, brought the town its Outdoor Art Club and a tradition of conservationism. Vera Schultz broke the glass ceiling of local politics in 1946, and in 1973, 10-year-old Jenny Fulles letter to President Nixon changed the future of Americas female athletes. When an elementary school teacher named Rita Abrams wrote a song about why she loved Mill Valley, it became a national hit; so did a song about the heart of rock and roll, written by local boy Huey Lewis, who had attended that same school. The stories of Mill Valleys legendary localswhether from 1890 or 1980are sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes inspiring, often humorous, and always fascinating.

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and help wherever he’s needed, as well as his seemingly endless knowledge of Mill Valley’s citizens that has earned him so much respect in town. (Dennis is pictured at right talking with another familiar Mill Valley face, John Cutler.) “Don’t forget Kathy King,” said Sara Pearson, executive director of the Mountain Play. And Kathy’s choice to fill the shoes of retiring Mountain Play executive director Marilyn Smith was pivotal to keeping the institution going during those transition years. Kathy

protected Mill Valley’s natural beauty while giving time and money to help those in need. The Art Club has also provided a forum for intellectual discourse and education on civic affairs. The Mill Valley Rotary Club, founded in 1926, has served a similar purpose, and both clubs have proved to be early pioneers for women’s rights. More recently, Kiddo (the Mill Valley Schools Community Foundation, founded in 1976) stepped up to ensure that art continues to be taught in public school classrooms,

Valley on their way to any other town. It is only a destination. Unincorporated “Greater Mill Valley”—the entire area with a “Mill Valley, CA 94941” address—expands across former dairy ranch land. It includes the county-managed residential communities of Almonte, Alto, Homestead Valley, Strawberry, and Tamalpais Valley. It also covers Muir Woods National Monument, Mount Tamalpais State Park, and a number of county-governed areas of open space, all connected by an extensive trail system that draws

142 Throckmorton also provides a small number of studio spaces for artists and writers. The weekly event that most successfully crosses generational lines is Mark Pitta and Friends, a comedy night that provides a venue for unknown comedians to get a start, and for veteran comics like Marin residents Robin Williams and Mort Sahl to try out new material. Lucy is quick to say that she did not do it alone, but if she had not seen the possibilities and taken that initial risk, it would not have

Tamalpais High School.) Dan Caldwell, Theater Teacher When Tam High principal Bob Prather recruited Dan Caldwell in 1962 to teach English and drama, he knew what he wanted: A four-year sequential drama department. Dan, a former Tam High student, had achieved a good deal of success in films and theater by 1962, including work with Woody Allen and Otto Preminger, and a directorship at the Marin Shakespeare Festival. From Dan’s first direction of students in The Crucible, Principal Prather knew he

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