Last Seen Leaving

Last Seen Leaving

Kelly Braffet

Language: English

Pages: 260

ISBN: 0618441441

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

As she did in her darkly thrilling debut, Josie and Jack, Kelly Braffet again explores the often ambiguous nature of love and danger in a riveting novel of suspense. When twenty-something drifter Miranda Cassidy wrecks her car one night on the way home from a bar, she seizes the accident as an opportunity to reinvent her life. Hitching a ride with a mysterious stranger, she finds quick work and a fresh start hundreds of miles away in an oceanside vacation town. She doesn’t look back, figuring no one is going to miss her. But when her mother finds no forwarding address, she senses something terrible has happened. The memory of the tragic disappearance of Miranda’s father years before and the force of long-buried emotions drive her on a frantic quest to find her daughter, no matter what the cost.

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tragedy. And would Miranda step into Loran of the Red Forest’s Boots of Traveling without even an instant of hesitation? Would she be deliriously happy to suffer attacks by an entire legion of the Zombies of Agony and Despair rather than face another game of field hockey or another of Amanda’s disdainful little smirks? Only in a red-hot instant, but the opportunity has yet to present itself, and on that air-conditioned spring day in Phoenix, Arizona, none of the four teenagers—Miranda

Agnes’s soft cheek. “Come back,” the old woman said. “Bring Miranda.” “I will,” Anne promised, and turned to leave, but found her progress impeded by Agnes’s hand, surprisingly strong, on her arm. “Don’t feel bad about—Arizona,” she said. “She came back to us anyway. In the end.” And this time there was no doubt about the satisfaction in her eyes. In the car, Anne let the engine idle while she waited for the air conditioning to kick in, putting the photograph on the passenger’s seat. From

we found her yet, one guy who worked with her in an appliance shop in Latrobe, and a professor at Pitt. Apparently she was in his freshman comp class ten years ago. You didn’t tell me Miranda went to college,” he added. “She never finished. Isn’t it a little odd that those people would call?” Romansky shrugged. “Not really. People mean well, don’t realize it’ll get them on the suspect list. Anyway, we’re checking both of those guys out.” “Only those two?” Romansky sighed. “No, we’re checking

faces, warm, welcoming. Inviting him to be here, to take part, to be of them—and there was the healer, whose string tie hung askew beneath his collar, whose face was pale with effort. And X was brought before him, and the healer’s red eyes focused on him. You’ve got pain, the healer said. You’ve got pain down in your very soul. X could only nod, because yes, he did have pain, and it was everywhere, everything for him. The healer took his hands—his damp, doughy hands, his hands that were hot and

her, his eyes as fierce as they had been the night they walked on the beach, the night when he had taken her wrist and not let it go. “It’s a very big deal to me,” he said. He turned the key in the ignition and pulled onto the road. For a long while they drove in silence, George palely illuminated by the lights from the dashboard and the radio silent, as it had been the first time they’d done this. “I’m sorry,” he said at last. Randa sighed. “Don’t be.” “I don’t want things to change between

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