Land of the Minotaurs (Dragonlance Lost Histories, Vol. 4)

Land of the Minotaurs (Dragonlance Lost Histories, Vol. 4)

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0786904720

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Children of Destiny . . .

Throughout the time of Krynn, one race has remained strong in its pride and beliefs. The minotaurs envision themselves as the children of destiny, the future masters of the world. Despite adversity, defeat, and enslavement, that belief has never wavered.

If there is a foe capable of destroying the minotaurs, it is their own arrogance. Here is told the tale of clan against clan, and of how the exiled champion Kaz must discover the terrible secret of the empire before he and his entire race suffer the disastrous consequences.

Land of the Minotaurs

The Lost Histories Series probes the historical roots and epic struggles of the heretofore little-known peoples of Krynn. Author Richard A. Knaak explores the land and history of the horned race of minotaurs.

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not dealt with immediately.” “I think you told me that before, but what can I do?” “There are two choices, Kaz.” The gray man studied Ty. “I may take her to where she must go. However, I can take her only if she truly wants to leave.” “And the other choice?” “She must die, minotaur. You will have to kill her, since I am forbidden to do so. She must die or the world returns to imbalance, and thousands of others must die in the ensuing conflicts.” “I won’t kill her! You’re mad, mage!” Kaz

around to the east.” He recalled something from his childhood. “They say that it was Sargas who raised the mountains right after he took the worthy ogres and turned them into minotaurs. The mountains were to protect his children while they recouped their strength and worked to assume their proper place as lords of all Krynn.” Kaz thought of his years as a slave-soldier and how often in the past minotaurs had been the slaves, not the masters, of others. The mountains had not done their job very

for you to know.” As Scurn replied, however, Kaz noted his brief look of annoyance. Evidently, Scurn, too, would have liked an answer to that question. He obviously was not important enough to have earned the right, though, and for someone like Scurn, that fact had to be bothering him. “Not in here, Captain,” announced one of the pair searching the stables. “Then get outside and help the others. I don’t want you back until you have that little vermin … and don’t kill him! The high priest might

What did that emaciated fiend want at this time of night? Had they finally located the damnable Kaz? The shame of that travesty in the circus still angered the emperor. How had Kaz been allowed to wear that medallion? Where had it come from? As far as he knew, his rival of old had thrown the thing to the ground after the death of his brother … Raum or something like that. It unnerved him to think that Kaz had kept it all these years. Had he always planned to come back to challenge Polik? Kaz was

cursed gray human still hasn’t given me any kind of sign! The day before had passed without any clue as to what Kaz was supposed to do to free himself and the others. He had expected some clue from the mage before this moment; after all, the human had more or less promised. From what little he could recall of Huma’s experiences with the gray man, nothing indicated that the figure was a liar or a trickster. Still, he was beginning to wonder. Ty, Hecar, Delbin, Fliara … their lives all depended on

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