Lake Michigan Backroads: Your Guide to Wild and Scenic Adventures in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana (Backroads of ...)

Lake Michigan Backroads: Your Guide to Wild and Scenic Adventures in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana (Backroads of ...)

Robert W. Domm

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 076032980X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Here are 19 backroads drives around Lake Michigan, showing you the grand lake as never before in this richly illustrated exploration of the Great Lake’s history, culture, ecology, and natural beauty. The big blue inland sea--the only Great Lake entirely within U.S. borders--appears here in all its natural diversity. These day trips take you to the ancient forests and vast sand dunes of Michigan and Wisconsin and on beautiful backroads in Illinois and Indiana. Lake Michigan Backroads conducts readers through the lake’s varied landscapes and seasons, pausing at popular and little-known destinations for a look into life on the lake then and now.

Here are the shining blue waters plied by the Chippewa and Menominee, by the Jesuits and the voyageurs, and by countless immigrants seeking a new life. And here, in brilliant photographs and historical images, in anecdotes and thoughtful text, are their stories, inextricable from the story of the Great Lake itself. Lake Michigan Backroads speaks eloquently of remarkable natural resources and great promise, of immigration and trade, of devastating storms and human calamity, and of the people and their love of the lake. And their story plays out against Robert Domm’s exquisite images, which evoke the lake’s greatness through its days of calm and of stormy fury, the play of sunlight on its surface and the sweep of its shore in both autumn finery and the restless ice of winter.

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their craft. Using tiny handmade lures constructed with feathers, animal hair, and strands of colored yarn, fly fishermen seek to trick wary trout into believing they are about to devour an aquatic insect. Many who practice the art of fly fishing have an encyclopedic knowledge of aquatic entomology. Wild trout often feed exclusively on the species of aquatic insect that is currently plentiful or on the species that is hatching from its nymph stage to its flight stage. Knowing which species of

little vegetation, the same areas that see extensive recreational use during the bird’s nesting period. Although it is unlikely that Michigan’s piping plover population was ever significant compared with other areas of the bird’s range, an effort is underway to maintain a breeding population on the Great Lakes. By limiting human intrusion near actively breeding pairs, and by using nest enclosures to protect eggs and chicks from predation, it is hoped that the piping plover will continue to call

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surrounded by snow-clad evergreens. On a still winter morning, you can see why the local native people called this spring the “mirror of heaven.” Members of the Civilian Conservation Corps were instrumental in replanting the forests around Lake Michigan in the early twentieth century. Courtesy of State of Michigan Archives, negative 15711 Today, the small state park is one of Michigan’s finest natural treasures. From the deck of an observation raft, visitors can view the

miles of hiking and cross-country ski trails. In the springtime, large flowered trillium, bloodroot, Dutchman’s breeches, and a variety of other wildflowers line the trails and cover the forest floor. Warren Dunes State Park has long been a popular destination for the residents around southern Lake Michigan. Courtesy of State of Michigan Archives, negative 20232 In the northern portion of the park is the Great Warren Dune Natural Area, a 488-acre parcel that includes a stretch of Lake

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