Knock 'em Dead Job Interview: How to Turn Job Interviews Into Job Offers

Knock 'em Dead Job Interview: How to Turn Job Interviews Into Job Offers

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1440536791

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Land the job you want!

The interview is one of the most crucial moments of the job search experience and your chance to show your potential employer that you have what it takes to succeed in the position. In order to do that in today's highly competitive job search environment, though, you'll have to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

Using his twenty-five years of experience, New York Times bestselling author Martin Yate has established a set of rules for job interviews that is sure to get you noticed. Instead of memorizing canned answers, Yate provides you with an explanation of the thought behind more than 300 questions and answers, so that you'll always know what the interviewer is really asking and how you should respond. Packed with information on handling stress questions and weird interview venues, this book also teaches you how to keep your cool--and confidence--from the moment you step inside the building.

With Knock 'em Dead Job Interview, you will finally be able to differentiate yourself from the competition and score the job!

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Details such as frayed fabric and loose buttons will not go unnoticed when you are under professional scrutiny. It’s best to choose your interview clothes well in advance, make any minor repairs, have them cleaned, and keep them ready. Ties Just as a cheap-looking tie can ruin an expensive suit, the right tie can do a lot to pull the less-than-perfect suit together for a professional look. When you can’t afford a new suit for the interview, you can upgrade your whole look with the right

associated with hiring you will diminish. The Second Secret: Every Job Is about Problem Anticipation, Identification, Prevention, and Solution As we have seen, there is only one reason any job is ever added to the payroll of a company, and that is to help the company make money. Jobs do this by bringing money into the company, saving money, improving productivity in some way, or through some combination of these activities. This mandate of contributing to the profitability of the company

with people who are there to get results, not just mark time till the end of the day. You like to work with people who have pride, honesty, integrity, and commitment to their work. What kinds of people do you find it difficult to work with? This question can stand alone or can be the second part of a three-part question. Your answer comes from understanding why your job exists: It’s a small cog in the complex machinery that makes a company profitable, so you might say, “People who don’t

advice, confirm that I understood it, and be sure that the problem did not recur.” Building Stress Into a Sequence of Questions Sometimes an interviewer will build stress into a sequence of questions. Starting off innocently enough, the questions are layered and sequenced to dig deeper and deeper, but these stress question sequences will hold few surprises for you. Let’s take the simple example of “Can you work under pressure?” This example will use a reporter’s technique of asking who,

professional. Continuing with our example, your entry might now look like this: (6) Eight years’ accounts payable experience required, ideally in high-volume insurance office Excel, accounting software, Peachtree, problem accounts Problem prevention and solution examples: (Habits to prevent collections problems) (Habitual solutions for collections problems) Success profile: Angela Ciccine. Well-dressed and groomed. Great problem-solving skills, listens well, smiles, supportive, team

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