Frank Young

Language: English

Pages: 159

ISBN: 147769661X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Peter and Maggie have the booze, the drugs, and the houseboat for one wild weekend with their friends. If only they had a way to escape the ancient evil deep under the Illinois River. What starts off as a beer fueled teenage sex romp turns into a nightmare as killer cannibals tear through the boaters one by one. The murders are relentless, the terror is real, and the killing never stops.

Hothouse Orchid (Holly Barker , Book 5)

First Blood

La urna sangrienta o El panteón de Scianella

Consent to Kill (Mitch Rapp, Book 8) (UK Edition)

Sunset City: A Novel












some islands on the map with his middle finger. “Tonight, you can pull up on this island here, or you can stay on the shore up here, but stay away from that island.” He looked at Beth, then Jen, then Maggie, and then back at the map. “This island is surrounded by some old concrete blocks that will tear the bottom right out from under you. The others are okay. But don’t go walking too far in. They’re covered in poison ivy.” “Why concrete blocks?” Jen asked. Bill smiled and batted his eyelashes

Abe lay on the ground motionless. “Not again,” Ben croaked. His voice was shrill and evil. “You killed”—he started laughing all of a sudden—“my little bro. Twice today.” He laughed. Peter ran over and picked up the machete. Ben picked his knives up off the ground. “You killed my friends! I’m going to kill you, you motherfucker!” Peter screamed, adrenaline coursing through his veins. “Peter?” he heard Maggie all of a sudden. He glanced over at the pile of rocks. There was a black hole in the

missing. Come here, babe. You’re safe now.” “How did you know her name?” Peter muttered under his breath. No answer. “How do you know her name?” he asked again. Jacob’s light swung off his face and shone back into Peter’s eyes. “So this is the boyfriend?” he asked. Some of the people holding flashlights shuffled forward. Maggie and Peter took a step back in unison. “Maggie, how does this guy know your name?” Peter asked. “Peter,”—Maggie swallowed—“this is Jacob, a friend. Peter, Jacob.

them where they fell. Bill took off his shirt, dropped trou, and jumped in line. Jacob stayed clothed. He took a head count of the old and naked lineup—thirteen in all. “Hosanna is expecting you,” he said warmly. “Praise be to Hosanna,” they replied. “Axulche is expecting you,” he said grandly. “Praise be to Axulche,” they chanted. “Tonight is the last night we die,” he said with conviction. “Tonight is the last night in one thousand years,” they sang. “One thousand years of godliness,” he

a creature that had seen dinosaurs. She screamed. One hundred flesh-lusting tongues attached to her meaty frame, and all joined in to lift her off the ground. She wailed. The eye was blinking furiously, and the one blue head in the cavern, out of the demon’s thousands, convulsed and rippled with excitement. Hosanna felt the age of a million deaths rip through her as the sharp barbs cut though her skin and fat. She was hoisted up to the roof of the cavern, high above the horrible hole where her

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