Kill Crazy (A Duff MacCallister Western)

Kill Crazy (A Duff MacCallister Western)

William W. Johnstone, J.A. Johnstone

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 0786033460

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Greatest Western Writer Of The 21st Century

Born to a family of hard-fighting Scotsmen. Sworn to a legacy of blood and honor. Duff MaCallister brings his own brand of justice to the new American frontier--in this explosive western saga from bestselling authors William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone.

Shooting Is The Only Way Out

In a town like Chugwater, Wyoming, you know who your friends are, who your enemies are, and who your kill-crazy maniacs are. For Duff MacCallister, the last category belongs to Johnny Taylor and his gang. Duff has wrestled with this polecat before, and knows that his bite is worse than his smell. But when Taylor's gang tries to rob a bank--and Duff manages to shoot one and arrest Taylor's brother--the outraged outlaw raises a stink straight out of hell. First, he begins to randomly slaughter innocent townsfolk one by one. Then, he leaves a note on the bodies warning: "We will kill more of your citizens if you do not let my brother go." Now, he's kidnapped a woman as bait--lighting a fuse under Duff MacCallister that's bound to ignite the biggest, bloodiest showdown in Chugwater history. . .

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know—I would be the last person to call Duff a coward about anything, Lord knows he has proven his bravery enough times. But all men have a weakness when it comes to advancing their relationship with women. They have to be led into it.” She thought of Duff, and wondered what he was doing and what he was thinking about at that very moment. Duff was in bed at that very moment, but Meagan would not be happy if she knew what he was thinking. Because he was thinking about the young woman he had met

court, repeat that confession?” “Yeah, I robbed the bank.” “Very well, that part of the hearing can be dispensed with. You are also, Mr. Taylor, being charged with killing Mr. Daniel Welch. How do you plead to that?” “I didn’t do that.” “How do you plead?” “What?” “The defendant pleads not guilty to the charge of murder, Your Honor,” Dempster said. “Yeah, not guilty.” “Very well then, we will proceed with the details pertaining to the charge of murder. Mr. Prosecutor, if you would please,

around the two men. That was when she saw the blood. “What?” she asked curiously, and she leaned down for a closer look. One of the men was lying facedown, but the one that was lying on his back had his head tipped back. His skin was a gray pallor, and his mouth and eyes were open. But the most grotesque sight was the great gaping gash in his neck. It looked as if his neck had nearly been sawed in two. Louise’s scream awakened households for two blocks around. The double murder was the lead

held up the bank in Chugwater, it could be that you are a bounty hunter. If you are, you’re goin’ to play hell collectin’ on it.” “Or, it could be that your operation was so slick, and you got so much money, that I might be wantin’ to join up with you for your next one.” “How do you know there’s goin’ to be a next one?” “I don’t see you walkin’ away from a winnin’ hand on the table.” “You and Mr. Gleason ought to get along, Johnny, seein’ as you are in the same business,” Cline said. “You’ve

further, huh? It ain’t a sight fer good Christian folks.” Without another word the driver disappeared and the stage creaked and lurched as he climbed into the box. A whip cracked and the six-mule team shambled into motion. “Yeeehah!” The whip snapped again and the mules took the hint and stretched into a gallop. “What did he mean about a poor soul’s head on a chopping block?” the little man said. “That was a most distressing thing to hear.” His voice hiccupped with every jolt of the stage

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