Kilkenny: A Novel

Kilkenny: A Novel

Louis L'Amour

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0553247581

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Kilkenny wasn’t looking for trouble when he entered the Clifton House stage station, but trouble found him when a reckless youngster named Tetlow challenged him, drew his gun, and paid for it with his life.

Looking to escape a reputation that he never wanted, Kilkenny settles in the lonely mountain country of Utah, planning to ranch a high, lush valley. But the past is on his trail. Jared Tetlow is a powerful rancher determined to run his vast herd on the limited grasslands there—whether he has to buy out the local ranchers, run them out, or kill them. He’ll cut down anyone who stands in his way, especially a man he already despises: the gunman named Kilkenny—the man who killed his son.

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seen you before.” “I’m Trent. Just a loose-footed hombre who has a curious mind. I’m sort of wonderin’ where a man would put ten or fifteen thousand head of cattle in this country without crowdin’ a lot of other folks.” There was a silence and then low conversation within the house. Finally, Carpenter spoke again. “Get down and come in, but don’t try nothin’ fancy. We folks got faith in shotguns.” Kilkenny swung down and trailing the reins, walked up to the house, keeping his hands wide. A bar

be at ten o’clock. You be there, Havalik. We’ll get this matter settled right now.” Havalik shrugged. “Oh, all right, but it’s a lot of fuss over nothin’. The hombre asked for it.” “That will be established at the inquest,” Macy replied coolly. “Supposin’,” Havalik jeered, “that you decide I’m guilty. What happens then?” “You’ll be arrested, put in jail and held for trial,” Macy replied quietly. Havalik laughed, a laugh echoed by several of the Forty riders. “Arrest me?” he laughed. “Why,

rifles, Kilkenny and Brigo disarmed the Forty riders. Kilkenny took the guns from Havalik’s holsters. “I’m going to unload these,” he said, “and give them back. One day we’ll meet and you’ll want your own guns.” Taking Havalik’s hat, he spun it high in the air. Then, slip-shooting with Havalik’s guns, he emptied them into the spinning hat. Then he tossed the guns into the grass at the gunman’s feet. Mumbling, the Forty riders started for their horses, minus guns, ammunition and gunbelts. Then

father?” “That’s correct. He’ll be held for trial.” “Is there any charge against me?” “Not so far.” “Do I get to see my father?” “No reason why not.” Ben Tetlow unbuckled his guns. He glanced at Kilkenny. “What’s your part in this?” “Deputy.” “A killer!” “Might call me that. I never hunted trouble.” “I suppose,” Ben said bitterly, “you’ll kill my father now?” “Don’t build trouble where there is none,” Lance replied quietly. “Your father tried to ride us down. He’ll get what’s coming to

Andy had divided the work between them, only Dee had not let Andy know what he was facing. It was just like the man. “We’ll need a couple of pack horses,” Kilkenny said. “I want to take more supplies home. I’ll get Buck.” Lance turned on his heel and walked across the bridge toward the center of town. Doc Blaine, drawn to his door by the shooting, stood talking to Laurie Webster. About Dolan’s there was an air of bustle and business. Men loitered on the steps at Savory’s, and Kilkenny gave them

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