Keep It Up: A Bold New Formula to Expand Physical and Mental Power for life

Keep It Up: A Bold New Formula to Expand Physical and Mental Power for life

Florence Comite

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 2:00269656

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

As a man ages, a slow decline takes root that, day to day, is imperceptible. Sometime around age 30, levels of the male hormone testosterone begin to drop each year. One morning he looks in the mirror and sees someone who he doesn't recognize. He's tired-looking, lacks motivation, his belly is sagging over his belt, his mind is foggy, and maybe his sex drive has evaporated. What happened? Oh, you're just getting older, people tell him—even his doctor!

Endocrinologist Florence Comite, MD, doesn't believe we should accept aging as is. She believes any man can restore his body, mind, and energy; prevent disease; and feel strong, confident, and in control once again.

Keep It Up will show you how to quantify your own health and then make key changes that will reduce your belly fat and risk of diabetes, revitalize your sex drive and strengthen your erections, and give you more muscle and greater mental agility. Because testosterone affects all of the above aspects of a man's vitality, Dr. Comite shows readers how the cutting edge science of hormone optimization is an effective way to prevent the disorders of aging.

"Testosterone optimization can absolutely change a man's life," Dr. Comite says. It can reduce fat, build lean muscle and reverse disease but the most important benefit, she says, "is the feeling of being 'recharged'—feeling more focused, more vigorous, more masculine, more alive."

Key chapters in Keep It Up include:

• The Metabolic Tests
• The Hormone Tests
• The Sleep and Stress Connection
• Great Sex, Your Second Act
• Building a High-Performance Body
• The Truth about Hormone Therapies
• Advanced Diagnostics
• The Future of Medicine, Today

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METABOLIC TESTS Find out how well or poorly your body’s engine is humming I had just turned 50. As a triathlete and a reporter who covers sports and fitness, I figured I was doing everything right healthwise and was much fitter than most guys my age. I exercised regularly, had annual checkups, and because of my career I knew more about health and nutrition than the average man. So you can imagine my shock when I got the results of pretty extensive blood work. I was prediabetic and wouldn’t have

sex life will be revived, your diet will help you regain lost energy, and your exercise will become more efficient. With the right supplements and hormone therapy, you will support those efforts to slow and even reverse the aging process. But your first stop is not the gym or the kitchen. The place to start making changes is in your bed. And I’m not talking about sex. At least not yet. Stress and sleep are inextricably intertwined with each other and with your health. When you don’t sleep well,

activity? • Do you enjoy foreplay? • Does your partner seem satisfied with your sexual relationship? • Do you wish you were more open-minded about sexual activities? • Do you feel comfortable talking to your partnr about new activities you would like to try? There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. Compare your answers with how you felt at the ae of 25. These insights will show how you're changed as a sexual being and provide ideas for achieving greater sexual satisfaction.

work. To me, that was direct proof to dispel the myth around whether or not vitamins work. –ERAN KABAKOV, age 39, physical therapist and digital entrepreneur Balance is everything in maintaining a good quality of life, and it’s not simple. The preceding chapters have targeted key areas that deserve attention. Improvements in your sleep quality, stress level, sex life, diet plan, and exercise routine are critical. Additionally, there’s something else you can do to support your health: Consider

improving your homocysteine, which is a very targeted outcome, that same supplement may also have a more general effect by improving your cognition and boosting energy levels. Remember, metabolism is the mechanism by which your body turns chemical energy into mechanical energy, and hormones drive this process. Supplements may assist both metabolic and hormonal aspects to function optimally. CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID. CLA has been shown to have a positive impact on coronary artery disease risk

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